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Are Directory Submissions Worth The Money and Effort?

Making that all-important final decision to submit your website to a directory takes a lot of effort and may also be a bit scary for you. The question that you need to be asking yourself before you make this move is whether it is worth the money and effort.

Another thing that you will need to consider is that it meets the SEO strategy that you currently have in place for your marketing business.

This kind of directory submission helps you move up the ranking levels for search engine results, but you need to consider whether they can help you get the traffic you are looking for.

Why Are Directories So Important For SEO?

There are so many different links when trying to achieve the best possible outcome for your search engine rankings, primarily through your SEO content and including a directory submission is one of them.

Directories are also crucial for your SEO because they can help with so many different areas of it as a whole. In addition, access to a well-known and popular directory site can include many other sources that can help your business’s SEO.

There are also many other reasons, such as:

  1. Simple backlinks

Including backlinks to a website is highly recommended by all search engines as it shows your line of work can be trusted. Directories use a main landing page to help with your ranking levels, niche, and other elements of the industry that you work in.

  1. Receive faster listings

Suppose a website hasn’t been found by suitable search engines yet. In that case, it will automatically be snatched up within a couple of days because it has been successful through the main directory submission and is receiving all of the notifications it needs.

  1. Essential elements of SEO- NAP

This stands for your name, address, and phone number, just some of the essential elements included in the directory submission process. The important thing about this is that they need to be entered the same as they come across and ensure that this runs through the whole site.

  1. Better keywords

When a directory that has been submitted has been highly successful, and the right kind of link has been included, this will make others think about all of the information they have included in theirs and how having the best list of keywords can make your content so much better.

  1. Brand Awareness

In this instance, these directories might not know a lot about your brand, so this will let your business shine in a new light but also try to remember whether it is worth it as far as money and effort are concerned.

Try to think that there will also be a possibility in which you can improve your primary strategy and how you work moving forward. Once people know more about your brand, this is where your ranking levels will become more known.

web directories used to be useful

What Is The Cost Of Web Directories?

For this particular point, two main areas are associated with costs and links to these directory submissions: time and money.


For this time, you will need to spend a significant amount of time finding the correct directory for you and ensure that it is one you can trust and benefit your business.

The more time you spend doing this, the better; the next time you need to do it, you can get it done much quicker. 


In this case, a few directories will more than likely charge you, so you will need to think if it is worth the money or even the effort. In addition, some have much harder accounts to be a part of, and you need to pay for certain parts of your website content.

Are These Web Directories Worth The Trouble?

They are not worth the trouble nor the effort, especially if it is not a directory that is already known. The general guide is your best bet as it includes everything you need and sends the right kind of links to these Google search engines.

Do People Still Submit To The General Directories?

People still submit to all of these directories, whether general, business, regional or niche. But you also need to remember that whenever you are looking for a directory, it is worth the money and effort.

Do Directories Help Your Business Website?

Over the last few years, these kinds of web directories have become very popular. However, these directories are still the primary source of business authority and their reputation.

So, including your business in an opportunity like this should not be passed on as it can help your SEO tremendously.

What Makes A Great Web Directory?

  1. Significant directories are known on other ranking websites
  2. They ensure that their content is top quality
  3. They have a top-of-the-range category list that can’t be stopped
  4. It has a great design and layout and can be found easily.

Are Directory Submissions Worth The Money and Effort?

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