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Are Google Glasses Any Good?

Google’s Project Glass is Google’s recent project to develop augmented reality glasses and had markedly ambitious aims and was backed up by equally stunning and impressive marketing. Unfortunately, it appears that Google’s marketing team have envisioned a future (if you excuse the pun!) that Google Glasses are failing to live up to.

Here is Google’s marketing ad for their augmented reality glasses:

As you’ll see from the video above this all seems very exciting and very cool, bringing the vastness of the internet and overlaying it on the everyday world could make life just thatg bit easier and maybe more interesting.

In the video it seems like the augmented reality will displayed directly in the wearers line of sight, covering their whole field of vision. Unfortunately, this appears to have been over-zealous marketing. In fact the augmented reality will in fact be positioned just above your line of sight in one eye and only. In Google’s own words it displays information: “about where the edge of an umbrella might be” – great, not quite the augmented reality everyone expected then! Note to self: don’t wear glasses when using umbrella to avoid confusion.

Google have admitted that it’s too early to know how the user interface will look (again check out the video, from that they seemed to have scoped out what they want to do with it and given it its own look and feel – marketing have over-stepped the mark haven’t they?).

Is the Design a Bit Too Star Trek?

The CEO of Oakley, Colin Baden has stated in the past that Oakley have been trying to develop augmented reality glasses since 1997 arguing that this is the most important consideration in the technology taking off or not. I’d tend to agree with him and take a look at the patented designs Google are putting out there at the moment, they look a bit Star Trek The Next Generation, what I mean by that is they look as though they were designed in the late 80s to look as though they are futuristic.

 How will Google Glasses Develop?

At this moment I’d be slightly cautious about saying how will Google Glasses develop because I think it’s far more likely that another company such as Apply will enter the market late and make something that’s outstanding and class defining in this sector in the way that the iPhone did to the smart phone market. I don’t think people will fully get on board until the point where there is an all signing all dancing augmented reality glasses type product on the market and Google has indeed fallen short of delivering that in this phase of the development. They may in the future but who know.

I’d love to have a play with some Google Glasses though!!

Are Google Glasses Any Good?

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