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Are links still important after Google Panda 2.2?

I think it’s fair to say that links are still the foundation stone. Even in the age of Google Panda update 2.2, they are the corners stone to any SEO campaign. First, however, you must recognise that they must come from the right places.

In that vein, it’s essential to recognise that the face of linking has changed and is still changing.  We need to be encouraging more social mentions, such as tweets, Facebook shares and likes, Google Plus 1.

As people increasingly use social media as one of the main routes to sourcing content, it’s essential that the links gained reflect these changed internet usage patterns.

Google Panda 2.2: Spelling, Grammar blah, blah blah

As a consequence of the poor content that has been created by countless poorly paid, non-native English speakers around the globe, Google has become a linguistic fascist.

 I’m still of two minds on this one. I must admit that I’ve always thought the best thing is to get the content live and then amend any mistakes in the text.  This probably comes from my days proofreading printed magazines in which there was always the odd mistake that I couldn’t undo once it had gone to print. In this sense, the web is infinitely better.

It also occurs that the language has evolved quite rapidly over the last decade, mainly due to new technological advances, including the Internet.  Google is dragging us back to the point where everything has to be just so. I suppose in the context of web-spam, maybe this is an excellent way to go. 

As a passionate believer that language should be allowed to evolve, I’m not 100% convinced.

managing reputation is important for SEO

Are links still crucial after Google Panda 2.2?

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