How To Manage The Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency
How To Manage The Relationship With Your Digital Marketing Agency

Ever wondered why you bothered hiring that digital marketing agency? Why you didn’t have any success with campaigns or maybe you’re feeling a bit ripped off by it all?

We hope you haven’t experienced any of that but sadly it does happen to some marketers or business owners and there is usually one reason why…the relationship was bad.

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Yorkshire Content Marketing Agency Vs Lancashire Content Marketing Agency?

Ey up! Are tha looking fur a proper Yorkshire content marketing agency? Or do you need a Lanky speaking agency?

Of course, it shouldn’t matter where your content marketing agency is based – a good content creator can write in any style, dialect, or tone of voice. As a content marketing agency with offices in Yorkshire and Lancashire – both with ‘native’ speakers and a wealth of knowledge about their areas, it’s only natural we have wondered ourselves; is there a difference between our content writers between the offices? If so, is it of any benefit? And, seen as we’re a ‘northern’ content marketing agency collectively, how do we hold up against the boyos from down south?

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Should You Choose A Content Marketing Agency Or An SEO Agency?

So, you’ve decided that your website needs traction and you need to be engaging with the right type of potential customers. You don’t have the resources in-house to take care of it and know you need to outsource these skills.

The next biggest question is what sort of agency you should work with? Should you choose a content marketing agency or an SEO agency? Is there any difference between the two and is one better?

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Should you hire a PR Agency Or A Content Marketing Agency?

If you are part of a small marketing team or manage the marketing function on your own, it’s very likely you outsource some aspects of marketing. However, it can be difficult to decide which parts of your strategy you should keep in house, outsource or even if they’re necessary at all.

If you’re confused about the difference between content and PR or are unsure if you should hire a content marketing agency, a PR agency – or both, then read on.

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