When carrying out SEO it’s really important to understand the limitation of the software you’re using if you’re using a content management system.

This fact has recently been illuminated when a colleague of mine discussed how to better optimise his wife’s website which already ranked well for the term baby headbands.

Baby Headbands

I made some suggestions which included re-orientating the h1 tag and page title tag to include the term baby headbands – this would make the site more user friendly, more relevant so it should have shifted up.

Unfortunately, when my colleague made that change the software that the site is using automatically changed the search engine friendly url to include baby headbands, essentially this means the old page was deleted and a new one was created. Although it was next to no time before he realised what had happened the old page was delisted from Google and the rankings for baby headbands were lost.

To rectifiy this situation, a 301 redirect was created from the old URL to the new one, the sitemap was resubmitted, the page was pinged and the linked back to the old page where in turn pinged.

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