It's Our Annual International Women's Day Blog #IWD21
It’s Our Annual International Women’s Day Blog
Today is International Women’s Day; an annual event that celebrates women. Because, you know, just over half the global population obviously needs one day in every 365 to celebrate their existence. Nevertheless, here we are. And, as GT is a predominantly female search marketing agency, every year we mark the day with a blog. Well, content marketing innit. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Let’s crack on. Read more
five ways blogging helps your business
Five Ways Blogging Helps Your Business
Blogging helps your business grow. That is a fact. It is one of the most important things you can do to bring the right traffic to your website. 71% of B2B buyers said they read a supplier’s blog before engaging with them. (Demand Gen) There is bad blogging and good blogging though. The first, you talk only about your business and services, the blogs are short, boing, technical, uninspiring etc etc. And they aren’t optimised. The good kind of blogging helps your business in lots of ways, but let’s look at five. Read more
How Does The 2021 Budget Impact The Tech Industry?
How Does The 2021 Budget Impact The Tech Industry?
It was Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s big day: Budget Day. This is the second Budget since he became Chancellor of the Exchequer and the first since COVID-19 radically changed the lives of almost everyone around the world. The budget had a number of standout elements including the continuation of the job-saving furlough scheme but with freeports, merging of the green and tech industry and the Future Fund: Breakthrough Initiative, we’re seeing what looks to be this government’s hopes and aspirations for what the UK’s future economy looks like. Here we look at the implications of the 2021 Budget to the tech sector. Read more
title graphic for blog by Growtraffic on what websites need to convert customers
Ten Things A Website Needs To Convert Customers
There are certain things every website needs in order to attract customers, convert them, and rank in the search engines. This need is based on:
  1. What people want
  2. What search engines want (arguably, this is more important; if you don’t please the mighty Google, your site won’t be found by anyone, so it doesn’t matter what they want)
It is a delicate balance, but the right web designers can achieve it. This infographic tells you the top ten things a website needs. Read more
How Business Owners Can Self-Sabotage And Affect Their Business
How Business Owners Can Self-Sabotage And Affect Their Business
I’ve been on the journey of being a business owner for a long time now. Time and time again, I have to admit to myself that I self-sabotage my own business and performance. I reckon I do this unnecessary act of self vandalism on a virtually daily basis and it erupts out of me on occasion and completely decimates various elements of the business. Read more

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