My marketing manager’s plan isn’t working. How do I fix it?
My marketing manager’s plan isn’t working. How do I fix it?
All marketing plans fail in some way or another. Most marketing plans fail completely before they have reached the end. Many marketing plans fail absolutely spectacularly and relatively early on. If you’ve got a marketing manager dealing with your marketing then you may have to help them to find the right solution to their marketing plan’s failure before it gets too late. Read more
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What’s The Most Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategy?
Let’s face it – digital marketing is a must for most businesses. In the age of digital marketing, traditional marketing has long been pushed aside. Gone are the days of lengthy newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages – how great were the Yellow Pages?! Albeit not exactly environmentally friendly…Anyway, as I was saying, digital marketing strategies such as social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC and video marketing are being used now more than ever. Read more
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Do I Have The Right Marketing Mix?

When it comes to marketing, it is all too easy to use a scattergun approach and fling content on the internet like making a casserole with whatever random ingredients you’ve got left in the fridge.

Sure, you will end up with a meal, but will anyone like it? Let’s have a look (at marketing, not cooking, we can do that next week) and answer the question, do I have the right marketing mix?

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