Why is duplicate content wrong?
I’m working with a client that publishes a number of magazines, they’ve been working in the offline sphere for a good number of years, they are expect at what they do in that sector however they are moving further and further into the online space and there are some issues arising with processes, knowledge and staff resistance. As a freelance seo consultant, I’ve seen this type of thing many times, change is always hard and it’s important to take the staff with you and empower them. I recently sent through an email to explain why duplicate content is a bad idea, this is an adapted version. Read more
Increase your website speed to increase your rankings
Way back in February 2011 Google announced that “page speed is now a ranking factor”. The announcement wasn’t exactly revolutionary as site speed is something SEO’s have considered for a long time. What was revolutionary was the fact that Google was now using usability signals as a ranking factor. Site speed became a priority because a slow site can affect your conversion rate and user satisfaction, ultimately sending a negative ranking signal to Google (not to mention a bad user experience). At the time there was a truck load of stuff about this subject floating around the web. However, I thought now would be a good time to revisit the subject and share some tips on what you can do to your own website to improve its speed. Read more
When things don’t work out with clients
Sometimes in business things don’t work out, this is especially true when you’re working with a wide range of clients, from time to time the style of business or approach to work doesn’t quite gel and you have to hold your hands up and say it’s not going to work out. I’ve learned over the years that I don’t have to take absolutely every client on board and in fact some client where I work with them would require such a different work process that it would be detrimental to my other clients. Read more
Is the Google Orca Update Next?
Over the last 18 months Google seems to have decided to pick on black and white animals, first it came out with the Panda Update, apparently named after Mr Panda at Google (originally named by the SEO community as the Farmer Update), more recently it’s launched the Penguin update, I’m going to put my money on Google naming the next update the Google Orca Update. Read more

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