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Blogging Vs Social Media – ‘The Blogging Blogs’ Part 3

Well here we are again lovely people and it’s Part 3 of GrowTraffic’s The Blogging Blogs; so without further ado let’s get on with it…


Blogging and Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is now an unavoidable part of SEO; if you’ve got a website then you have just got to bite the bullet and get social networking in order to promote it. Now we all know that this is a burden most small to medium business owners can probably do without but there are ways and means of easing the burden (most of which I have already discussed in previous blogs).

One such tool that can be used hand in hand with social media to promote your website is the humble blog, although a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can only manage one or the other, not both. Here we’re going to have a look at how you can market more efficiently, so that your blog incorporates your social media and works harder for your SEO. 

 The SEO Burden on Businesses

We at GrowTraffic like to think of ourselves as the ultimate SEO Consultants (come on, we’ve got to give ourselves some credit, no one else is going to!) but one of the hardest aspects when negotiating an advisory role is convincing clients about where to put their hard stretched resources to achieve the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Effective SEO is a crucial part of a business’s marketing strategy and yet the practice can cost tens of thousands of pounds a month. Obviously, the average small to medium business can’t possibly justify spending that amount of money and this is where us Freelance SEO Consultants come in; we not only show businesses how to market a website online cost effectively but also empower them to do it themselves.


Our Roles as SEO Consultants

The majority of GrowTraffic’s clients are small to medium businesses owners, who are looking for cost effective ways to maximise their website’s potential, get it to rank highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and hence, grow their business. Our role, as SEO Consultants, is to advise said businesses on what changes can be made or what tools can be employed to improve their online presence and achieve this end.

Unfortunately, the difficulty comes when resources are stretched and small businesses are not able to devote the time and money required into every possible SEO option. Most business owners are digitally clued up these days and are aware of the need for a good SEO plan, but most also require a little bit of guidance to execute it, particularly when it comes to making a choice between which practices to concentrate on.


Social Media or Blogs?

One of the things that I most often hear clients grumbling about is the amount of time they are forced to spend doing social media so, when it comes to a blog, they practically flat out refuse. I understand this; when you and your staff are pushed for time as it is, the thought of having to devote even more time to writing a weekly blog can be a bridge too far.

The point is though that the savvy business owner shouldn’t have to choose between doing social media and writing a blog; the two actually go hand in hand.


Make Your Blog Work For Your Social Media

For starters, a blog does not have to be as arduous as you would first think; the most important thing is to get new content added to your website but, as long as it’s done frequently, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. Often, blog posts can be as little as 300 or 400 words, which shouldn’t take any more than an hour to write, and they don’t need to be literary essays either; a blog is just a medium for having a casual conversation with your customers.

Once written and uploaded to your website, your blog needs to be promoted in order to gain a good readership and increase your online following, and the best way to do that is through social media. Of course, the beauty of this is that, instead of racking your brains to think of relevant posts that you can put up on your company’s social media pages, you now have quality new content to post and share with your followers.

Posting on-message and useful content such as this bolsters your position as an industry leader and, the more interesting and informative your blog is, the more followers you will continue to gain along the way: in effect, you’re killing multiple birds with one manageable stone.


Blogging Is Better

Despite all the arguments in favour of using your blog as your social media baseline, there will nevertheless be some business owners out there who are still reluctant to set out down the blogging road and will always prefer to advertise their business via social media.

The appeal is understandable; a short and concise tweet or Facebook post takes much less time and thought and, particularly now that we have social media management tools like Hootsuite and SocialOomph, it is much easier to manage an effective social media campaign. Moreover, as the search engines get better at recognising these social signals, having a strong presence on all the main social media platforms is getting more and more vital.

Having said that, if a client comes to GrowTraffic and asks whether they should put their scarce resources into social media or blogging, our answer – for now at least – will be blogging every time. Yes, social media is important, but Google is still better at ranking top quality content on a website rather than off it and so, in terms of an effective SEO strategy, concentrating your efforts on a blog will always get you a better return in terms of search engine rankings.


Social Networking For Your Blog

I’ve already given you the reasons why blogging is good for your social media but I can’t stress enough how important social networking is for your blog too. There’s no point in having a blog if no one is going to read it, so advertising it on all your company’s social media platforms will not only ensure that it is read but, more importantly,it’s free.

It’s incredibly easy now to incorporate those little buttons (technical term!) that go alongside articles and allow people to share your content on any social media platform, particularly Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest so, once your blog has been published on the website, you need to promote it in every place you can think of.

Obviously, the more social network platforms that your business has, the more places you can post your blog to and, ultimately, the more people will read it and – hopefully – share it in return. Moreover, the ease with which you can share content also means that all your friends and family can help you to promote your blog too, whether they want to or not!


So Get Blogging!

I hope that I’ve convinced you by now that introducing a regular blog section on your business’s website is well worth the effort and can streamline your company’s SEO strategy considerably.

However, if you are still uncertain, then please feel free to browse the previous blogs in GrowTraffic’s Blogging Series, The Blogging Blogs, or stay tuned for the next installments in the coming days, in which we’ll discuss how to pen effective blog posts, what to blog about and how to increase your blog’s readership, in which we’ll look a bit more closely at all those various places where your blog can be shared and promoted.


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