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Building on your strengths

I try and take a step back regularly and ask myself what I have learned about myself from the things I’ve just done. 

It always surprises me that people are happy to plod on allowing themselves to get into the same situations where they have to make the same mistakes because they haven’t learned anything about themselves from their experiences.

Gnocchi Seauton

The ancient Greeks had a saying, and although the spirit of the original meaning is lost to time, Gnocchi Seauton or Know Thyself still resonates with me today. 

I remind myself of this daily. Whatever I do, I approach it from how I will best cope with it, where it is likely to test me and how it is expected to enable me to develop, both professionally and personally.

Agency vs In-house Marketing

I’ve worked for agencies, and I’ve worked client-side, and it’s fair to say that when I’ve found myself in the position of a client-side role, I’ve hated it. There are a couple of reasons. Firstly I love the variety that working on several different projects brings; this gives me loads of opportunities to develop and hone my skill set. F I can do it in one industry. I can do it anywhere. 

The second reason I prefer agency work is that I like being in the role of being an industry expert; maybe this is an ego thing, but I think it’s good to have that ego sometimes. 

I make things happen through my advice and strategy. 

There is no real difference as to where this advice goes to a client or to a marketing director/managing director; however, it’s often harder to advise the guy that’s paying your wages than the guy that’s paying for your service, primarily if you work for someone who has used various internet marketing techniques in the past.


Plan the event in advance or plan for the event / Overview vs detail

I probably bang on about this too often. I think I’m so good at search marketing because I can detach myself from the detail and see what’s going on as an overview. It’s a valuable skill. 

Sure it’s important to get a little bit fixated on the percentage of keywords on a page and where they are located. 

However, once you’ve done that, you’ve got to say, “what’s the bigger picture, what are the general trends”.

I used to work for a guy who asked me how I knew what would happen with PPC.

 I explained it was experienced, I also explained the reasons, and he looked a bit blank – then I said, “I just know, I can’t really 100% tell you the complexities of how I know, I’ve been staring at this date for so long I can see the patterns.” 

He seemed pretty happy with that response and let me carry on.

‘Building on your Strengths

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