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Can Cloudflare Hurt Your Sales or Turn Away Customers?

Cloud Flare is one of the most common types of support when website protection is involved and anything to do with content and how it is delivered.

Over the last few years, Cloud Fare has had some things said about them that may or may not be accurate. So, it is no wonder that people have to consider a lot of things before buying from them.

One of the main concerns brought to many people’s attention with Cloud Flare is that they could harm your chances of making any sales and gaining new customers.

Can Cloud Flare Block Legitimate Users?

Unfortunately, Cloud flare can sometimes block known users. However, that is not always the case, as it could be something to do with a sale that perhaps wasn’t successful.

There are three leading causes in which this can happen, and they are blocking these legitimate users.

The first reason could be that they have accidentally allowed the DDoS mode, so the traffic has become a lot more frequent.

The second possibility could be that Cloud flare has paused the tools these real users will want to use. Finally, the last chance is that this company has a user that is being malicious and unkind.

Anti- DDoS Blocking

The first opportunity in which Cloud flare could be blocking these users is when your DDoS has been hacked and is under attack.

So, it is sending out traffic in an aggressive manner to keep the site alive.

To put this into fruition, Cloud flare thinks of it because your audience is the main point, and the website is the environment.

So, its herd grows too big during this and cancels the environment, affecting your site and your audience levels.

Tool Blocking 

Another case could be that Cloud flare is blocking the user and its traffic, especially if they come from another tool or source rather than directly.

Cloud flare blocks the traffic based on what the user agent is doing based on its IP address. Your traffic can then come through in different ways, especially if other sources have blocked it.

Benefits Worth The Risk

With all of these different chances of the known traffic being blocked and the assumption that Cloud flare could hurt your SEO content in a few ways, the question is, then, is it worth keeping using their services?

On the one hand, having any type of problem is terrible. If you realise you are under attack, using a source that can help you with your traffic is a great idea.

Cloud flare is not the only brand that is doing this, but they are one of the most known for doing this, so they take a lot of flak from the other people in their industry.

They can be pretty beneficial because the primary source they use is a way of content that can be an excellent benefit for your company’s SEO.

Unwitting Maliciousness

A lot like other networks that can be used to impact your traffic can be malicious and cause your known IP address to be blocked.

Cloud Flare might be blocking all of these users like the speed of light, but they also just do this if they feel like this particular IP address is blocking their site and they’re content.

This is something that they are trying to change and stop from happening altogether. So, this is where a user blocker will come in extremely handy.

Cloud flare can block any devices that they feel are not using a known user agent, so be careful and watch out for this.

It can sometimes be way more complicated than it needs to be for its sake. Plus, you will not want to be blocking these devices, especially if they are going through an update that might affect the work that they are doing.

A visual representation of the Sales Funnel

Why Should Cloud Flare Be Used?

Using cloud flare can be great because if you believe that your site has gone under attack, you can use this to help you, especially if you do not trust another source.

Make sure that you make a known announcement on your website or page and on social media using Cloudflare.

Make others aware that you are using this and ask them if they need help as you know what you are doing with this site.

Can Cloudflare Hurt Your Sales or Turn Away Customers?

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