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Can Guest Posts Damage Your Credibility?

Over the last year or so there has been a big move in the search sector towards guest posting, if you’ve got a blog or a news page on your website you’ve probably already received emails asking if you can post a guest post on your blog. I know I have. I’ve also been involved in outreach trying to get guest blogs and I’d like to share some of my experiences around this.

The first thing to say is, people have approached me and the most relevant ones I’ve considered. I’ve added one or two that I believe are relevant to the audience. I’ve made sure they are unique, I’ve made sure they are relevant etc – so I’ve done everything right. But I believe there has been a negative impact of including these on my blog, both for me and for the site the guest blog is attempting to help.

I think it’s fairly obvious that this could happen. Google is tracking all the links out there so they are going to marry up the links that are being pointed to certain sites and then discrediting all the links pointing back to that site if there are too many blogs out there that just say, “go on then – put your post on my blog”.

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Quality and authority are deciding factors

It’s not necessarily about the blog post that you set live on your blog, as long as that’s unique it’s fine, but it’s the things that you can’t control, it’s the other links they are getting from guest blogging.

Also – the site that you’re linking out to needs to be considered, if it’s a low quality site that you link out to it’s likely that Google is going to start to think that your blog isn’t high quality. It will take some effort in your part to try to get this quality / authority back in the eyes of Google and the only way to do that is to create great content and link to great sites.

As Bas van den Beld (Founder of State of Search) recently said at the UK Search Conference: “Guest posting is rapidly becoming the equivalent of link building in the wrong way.”

How to tell if your website has been damaged by poor quality guest blogging campaigns

If you’ve been involved in a guest blogging campaign where the site you’ve linked to has got loads of poor quality content out there pointing back to it, it’s likely your site will be damaged. It might not happen straight away, but in time it’s likely it will. If your blog posts regularly enter the index high up for the blogs you’re adding, you’ll probably see you’re new blog posts not ranking where you’d expect them to. This is a classic indication that your websites authority and Google’s trust of your site has been damaged in Google’s eyes.

Just keep blogging in a positive way, try not to get involved in too much guest blogging and start to rebuild your authority by concentrating on your blogs core specialty. In the future you will be able to get that authority back – it will just take time, then you can think about including content from others again.

Can Guest Posts Damage Your Credibility?

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