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Can Marketing Managers Be Trained In SEO?

Here at GrowTraffic, we believe that with the right SEO training, any marketing professional can be trained in SEO.

For a Marketing Manager with years’ worth of experience and tons of marketing knowledge, SEO should come pretty easy! If you’re responsible for strategizing and carrying out the digital marketing plan, it’s likely you already have a good understanding of search engine optimisation.

If not and you’re completely new to the wonderful world of SEO, you can find out exactly what it is in this blog (don’t worry, we’ve cut out all the confusing jargon!). But there’s a difference between understanding SEO and being able to successfully grow your business through SEO.

What Does SEO Consist Of?        

Most marketers understand what SEO is and how it can help a business. However, not many people understand the time-consuming hard work and consistency that goes into achieving results.

Despite what some Black-hat SEO agencies may believe, your website doesn’t appear at the top of Google overnight. Although, wouldn’t it be amazing if it did?! Instead, it takes a combination of content creation, onsite SEO, link building, social media management and technical SEO to achieve quality results.

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of creating a content calendar based on keyword research and on-trend topics, writing relevant and interesting articles/content, optimising them and uploading it to your website.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO consists of optimising web pages based on the key words you believe your website will rank highly for on search engines such as Google.

Link Building Services

Link building is an incredibly time-consuming task. It involves writing quality content that other people will link back to from their website. It often includes reaching out to relevant websites and business and writing guest articles for their website.

Social Media Management

Social media is a great tool for sharing your content and attracting people to your website. So, your social media platforms should be updated regularly with posts every day.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything from setting up a server to writing and updating code to implementing new mark-up and tags. If you’re not an SEO expert, chances are you’re not going to be familiar with this side of SEO.

SEO training

Quality SEO Training

As a Marketing Manager, it will be beneficial for you to understand the inner workings of SEO. If you know how to implement each aspect of SEO, such as keyword research, blog writing, onsite optimisation etc., you will be able to teach your employees.

Having this level of expertise also means you won’t be as reliant on others within the marketing team. Also, by completing SEO tasks yourself, you’ll gain an understanding of what works best for your business.

Here at GrowTraffic we offer various SEO training packages. We can come to you and teach you (and your employees) how to get your business noticed through SEO.

Our SEO training packages cover topics such as what makes a website rank, how to add content to your website, how to write content that ranks, building a following on social media and so much more. We also offer three months of free ongoing support after the training to help you maximise your ROI!

We don’t offer training on technical SEO as we believe it’s not cost-effective for our customers. On most websites, technical SEO is only something that’s carried out a couple of times a year. So, it wouldn’t be worth it for you to spend your money and time learning the ins and outs of technical SEO.

A Time-Consuming Task

Search engine optimisation should be a key part of a digital marketing strategy. And as you can see, a lot of work goes into gaining results through SEO. Simply writing and optimising a blog can take up to two hours. And building quality links is a never-ending process.

As a Marketing Manager, your time may be better spent elsewhere rather than chasing down links and researching keywords. Many businesses have SEO professionals within their marketing team. Others prefer to outsource their SEO.

Outsourcing Your SEO

Outsourcing your SEO has plenty of benefits.

  • It’s often simpler to manage an SEO agency than managing an employee
  • An SEO agency will have expertise and knowledge within your industry
  • You will have more control over specific parts of the SEO campaign
  • You will have ongoing support
  • Content will be written to a high standard
  • You will receive detailed and regular performance reports
  • It’s cost-effective
  • You’ll be able to measure ROI
  • It’s time-effective
  • There should be a smaller margin of error

If you think outsourcing your SEO would be a better option for yourself and your business, we can help.

Outsourcing SEO is cost and time effective

Get In Touch

If you would like more information about our SEO training, get in touch. Alternatively, if you are struggling to find the time to implement an SEO strategy, the team at GrowTraffic are more than happy to help you with your search engine optimisation.

Here at GrowTraffic, we are experts in all thing’s SEO and Digital Marketing, and we’d love to help! Find tips, advice and help in our blog.

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