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Can You Promote a Mobile App Store Page on Google Ads?

Nowadays, quite a lot of marketing businesses will have a few apps that help to promote the work that they do. But, in addition, every industry will also have apps to help gain viewers with what they are doing.

Google will allow you to promote a mobile app store page through their ads. So, you can drive the traffic from the ads to any app store page. For example, this could be the Google play store.

What Does Promoting A Mobile App Store Page Include?

Standard Ads

As you might think, Google has access to standard ads through a mobile app store page and find its main goal through its Google ads. These ads can come in many different ways.

The first one that would be part of this is the app install ads that include both areas of the networks. They are very similar to Google ads. These store pages will show up on all search engines using this to monetise.

The second type of app ads in the use of Google play. You can promote your app store page on Google ads and Google play store, which is a recommended area of the source.

The last kind of this app ad is a video part of the network. As well as the text, the mobile app store icon, and its overall rating. It can also show the web that lets Google ads do the work and enable it.

Universal App Campaigns

There is another way to use these Google ads for the apps that are included on the mobile app store home page, and this is using AdWords, which is why it is called universal app campaigns.

A universal app campaign is a little bit different from the usual ad.

Unlike these regular ads, you will not need to make any ads specific to the Google ads for your universal app campaigns. So you won’t need to deal with all of the different logistics.

Instead, you will just create the campaign and ad and let it run.

Where Can Your Mobile App Store Page and Your Google Ads Appear?

Your mobile app store page, and Google ads can appear over all Google platforms. This can include Google Search, Google, Google Display Network, and other editors and publishers that use these app ads.

Google Search Results

For this app store through Google ads, it is excellent to gain engagement through Google matching your ad to the search terms that link to the mobile app store and the category that it is in.

Google ads will look at your search by using other Google elements related to your app.

Discover on Google Search

Your mobile app store page and Google ads will appear on the Discover on Google search homepage. This will mean that you can find all of your different users according to what they have been looking for that relates to what you do.

What Else Has Google Included In This New App Store and Google Ad Roll Out?

Google has included a new ad app and ways to promote your Google ad that also allows all of your users that then lets you download from your mobile app store page and link to the other already known mobile innovations.

They have also included a new template that links to this for the different advertisers so that they can use their new mobile app store page and its promotional ad.

How To Advertise Your Mobile App Store In Google Ads?

Having the option to advertise your mobile app in Google ads is so much easier than it used to be. To create an “app promotion ad” in your Google ads account, click on the new ad button and app/ content ad option. Of course, this will only work on well-planned campaigns.

Next, I suggest that you click the app icon and what kind of format you want this to be included on either iOS or Google. Once this has been chosen, you can search your mobile app store through your Google ads.

Google algorithm updates

How Is This New Mobile App Store Promotion Different From The Previous One?

This new app promotion and its ad format is a massive step forward in terms of the use in comparison to the way that this used to be done and is part of Google’s and Google ads plan to make all of their ads so much brighter and a lot more helpful to all users.

In addition, they have also decided to include a new version of their mobile app store app extension, which will let all of these marketers see where the links are and the pages that can be involved within this app and its store page ad.

App Ad Requirements

If you are running the Google ads for your mobile app store page through Ad Word, you will need to ensure that your app store meets all of the policies that link to this type of content. They have stated many reasons why this is very important and how everything should play out through their system.

Can You Promote a Mobile App Store Page on Google Ads?

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