Can You Use HTML5 Ads and Content on Google Ads?

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Can You Use HTML5 Ads and Content on Google Ads?

Steve Jobs once predicted that HTML5 would replace Adobe Flash.  This sparked huge debate, however, 12 years later, HTML5 is the standard for web development. HTML5 can be used across the web and holds many benefits, but can you use HTML5 ads and content on Google Ads?

This article aims to explore HTML5 and its relationship with Google Ads further.

What Is HTML5?

To start us off, it makes sense to get to know HTML5.

HTML5, in a nutshell, is the newest version of the HTML standard. It’s an evolving standard with new creative elements. Like with any good standard, HTML is constantly adapting and evolving to keep up with the ever-changing web.

What Is The Primary Benefit Of HTML5?

HTML5 delivers interoperability and features such as apps, games, and videos. Simply, it brings power that other HTML editions haven’t been able to deliver. YouTube’s video player uses HTML5.

HTML5 elements don’t require third-party plugins and can be part of any page, constantly developing its ability to be secure and feature robust.

Google algorithm updatesHTML 5 And Google Ads

Flash has been responsible for animated and interactive ads across web advertising in the past.

Many web browsers have started to block Flash natively since the introduction of HTML5. HTML5 has taken over with slick animations and interactivity. Creating a responsive ad for Google has become the default for the modern Google experience. So how does HTML5 influence this?

Google has been starting to put pressure on its users to upload or create responsive ads, in compliance with HTML5 guidelines.

Updating From Flash To HTML5

With Google Ads being complete with HTML5 guidelines, it makes sense for us to move away from Flash and toward HTML5 when creating ads.

Google Web Designer allows for HTML5 ads to be uploaded onto Google – if you meet certain standards (as with anything with Google!) You can create new responsive HTML5 ads to replace Flash ads on Google.

Google recommends that you upload a new HTML5 ad to replace Flash ads in your ad gallery.

If you’re using a third-party ad server and using Flash ads for Google, Google will stop serving them. Simply because many third-party servers no longer support Flash content. This change was made in January 2017, so we are well up to speed with HTML5 Ads by now.

Google’s aim is for all ads to be made using HTML5.

Women Looking At Web AdsHTML 5 Requirements For Google Ads

When running Google Ads, your HTML5 ads must meet a number of certain requirements including:

  • HTML5 ads must be compatible with SSL.
  • Choosing the appropriate environment when creating ads through Google Web Designer.
  • Following dimension guidelines
    • The size of your ad must be specified in the meta tag
    • Used fixed sizes

Moving forward within the world of Google Ads, HTML5 is the future. HTML5 will become a more evolved and expanded entity due to it being an in-development standard.

What Does HTML5 Offer?

HTML5 ads and content offer several benefits when using Google Ads. It offers a range of ad formats and rich media to make sure your ads are noticed in a sea of other ads desperate for attention. Producing better ads with HTML5 is the best way to keep up to date with the growth of ads.

HTML5 offers us the ability to create adaptable ads, to fit all platforms. Ditching the need to create more than one version of the same ad. HTML5 will dynamically optimise, becoming more functional for both the publisher and viewer.

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