I’ve been working in marketing for the past 8 years or so, specialising in internet marketing for much of that time.

Recently I was given the opportunity to move from my position at 2am Media to join another company as their Internet Marketing Manager with an emphasis on search, it was more money and represented a good move however there was something not right about it, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

At 2am I get the opportunity to continue to develop my craft, to try out new things over a number of client and company websites in a variety of different sectors. This is very liberating in many ways (I’ve worked on just one company’s marketing in the past and although I’ve had some great successes I’m sure they would have benefited from me carrying out search marketing on a number of other types of sites as well).

Still, the new position on offer was an opportunity that I really didn’t want to be turning down, more money, closer, a market sector I’ve carried out a lot of SEO for in the past.

Just before D-day there was a shift in the rhetoric at 2am, a shift in the projects and the development of the business further reaching a maturity and offering a tantalising glimpse of the potential to develop and grow and this was one ride I decided I couldn’t pass up on.

I’ve worked for four companies since graduating, one of those was a mistake from the outset and lasted only a few months before I moved on, I think I knew it was a mistake but had had enough at my old job and wanted a fresh start – so I found a good position with a good company doing a similar thing but I found the company ethos and the people I was working with to be completely alien to me, what’s more we were just entering a recession and from the time I signed up to the time I started the industry had been detrimentally damanged. Point being that I jumped and didn’t follow my gut instinct.

This time I’ve let the gut instinct lead and I’m not sure where it will take me however I think that’s the way you’ve got to go with these things, you can’t do yourself a disservice by staying somewhere however it’s not always best to jump ship.

The other thing about my position at the moment is it allows me to develop GrowTraffic, it’s not something that I want to do too overtly, however it is done with the knowledge of my directors and it something I believes benefits the business as it sometimes enables me to try things out that I wouldn’t normally try out.

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