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Mark Zuckerberg Hosts A Public Q&A

When I got this notification in my Twitter feed this morning, sent from the ever informative Search Engine Journal stalwart, Matt Southern, I thought ‘big wow’. Yes, it takes quite

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How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

I’ve been a Freelance SEO Copywriter for a good while now, touting my services on a number of different platforms, and one of the first questions that I always get

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5 Good Reasons To Use Freelancers

In the interests of fair disclosure, I suppose I should probably state, before we go any further, that you’re probably not going to get a fair and balanced article here:

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Unbounce Review

I’ve been working on PPC campaigns since 2007, in that time I’ve managed huge campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords spending £80,000+ a month down to small campaigns spending

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Do You Want To Be Forgotten?

My Sunday Morning Paddy I was reading an article over the weekend that, unfortunately for my husband, was one of those that caused me to get on my soap box

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