How will gTLDs impact SEO?

We’ve been used to the same TLDs (top level domains) for a while now, everynow and then a drip of new TLDs has come onto the market however they’ve not had a massive impact.

From an SEO point of view those original national level TLDs have remained the most important types of domains with the .com; and we’ll all know the other ones that are (or include) .gov, .biz, .info, .net, .org etc Read more

Choosing the right domain – Exact Match Domain update and Top Level Domain Choices

If you’ve been following the GrowTraffic blog you’ll have seen a post back in November about the use of exact match domains to get a better place in the rankings and how Google was indicating this loophole / benefit will be phased out. Interestingly, new research has been released by the Open Algorithm Project (Domain Name SEO). Read more

Getting Another GrowTraffic Website Live:

I’ve been thinking about how I can improve the design of GrowTraffic for a while. It needs it, but the thing is I’m a search marketer, not a designer or a developer and although I can build a website I feel there is a quality about the GrowTraffic design that reflects what it is I do as an SEO.

Instead of changing the design of GrowTraffic I decided that I would experiment first with another website, I bought a domain and started the building process.

SEO Auditing

I decided that I would create a website about a specific element of the SEO process and that’s why I bought – it’s built in WordPress and built using a theme I found on the internet that’s relatively similar to the GrowTraffic layout just a bit more up to date.

Check out my new SEO Audit website at


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