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How to create quality content

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I’ve been working in marketing since 2003 and a lot of that time has been spent carrying out search marketing activities. Over the years, when working on the seo of websites we’ve got closer and closer to working on the quality of the content. If you’re managing your own website you’ll have heard about the fabled Quality Content Google suggests makes sites rank in its listings, but as quality is a subjective concept I thought I’d review how to create quality content that will help your website rank. Read More

Aligning SSLIM and FAST Content Marketing Methodologies to Buyer Journeys

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We’ve been thinking about content marketing and the strategy behind it. I was lucky enough to have heard a colleague Steve Porter present on the subject and this got me thinking. Here are my thoughts on his presentation, which he himself was inspired to create based on a content marketing strategy piece produced at the end of 2015 by Horizon Peake. In addition, I’ve looked at my own experiences, taken info from those around me and tried to include some useful content from others. Read More

How to work out what makes you different from your competitors for SEO

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Every business owner I’ve ever met has explained to me the things that make their business different from their competitors, however when it comes to targeting their Google they naturally want to rank for the most competitive, generic search terms. The thing is, for most businesses the best place to start is to try to target their website to those things that make their business different in the first place. The rest will come in time. Read More

I hate writing content

I hate writing content!

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OK – I’ve said it, I hate writing content. I’m a marketer in a world of content marketing, I’m a freelance seo consultant that spends a lot of his time writing content and I work as a brand marketing manager in my day to day role and I’ve still want to say I hate writing content. Hmmm maybe I’m overstating it, but here we go! Read More

Google’s Market Share Down

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Search Engine Market Share 1

According to the latest search market share numbers released by ComScore on 14th August 2015, Google’s share of the US search market has dropped slightly. Before we all panic and predict the demise of the search giant though, I must qualify that statement by admitting that the fall is not significant; nevertheless, the latest figures do show a loss of ground on Google’s part, to the benefit of its two largest competitors, Bing and Yahoo.


So, let’s take a closer look at the most recent figures and statistics and see what they’re showing us about the performance of the largest search engines globally.  Read More

How to become an industry expert by writing blogs

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You know what all the advice out there says, write more content to offer something of value and demonstrate to your audience that you’re an expert, but what if you’re not an expert? You might think that if you’re not an expert you have no right in blogging on a subject however over the years I’ve come to believe blogging is the one of the crucial ways in which we can become experts in a subject. Read More

Which political party is winning on Google?

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As a freelance seo consultant I’ve spent a lot of my time with my head in keyword research and search trends. The keywords we use in search engines and on social media, and the trends in which people use those keywords can offer an incredible insights into an audience. So I thought I’d have a look at how the political parties are doing in the battle for interest on Google. The results are quite interesting. Read More

Does content marketing work?

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Both as an in-house marketer and as a freelance seo consultant, over the last 8 years, to a greater or lesser extent, I’ve always included a content marketing strategy in the online marketing efforts I carry out, whether it be to benefit SEO, social media marketing, to include in email marketing, or just to engage more with the audience that hits the website I’m working with. At the start of my time in online marketing nobody called it content marketing, we referred to it as online PR, or just blogging, later it become more sophisticated with other forms of content being included and it becomming more strategic and in the last few years everyone’s been calling it content marketing. Read More

Matt Cutts Leaves Google

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After being the face of Google to the search industry for as long as I can remember, it now appears Matt Cutts has left the search giant to become the Director of Search at Globe Runner.

Matt Cutts Leaves Google

Matt Cutts Leaves Google

Cutts, who took a break towards the end of 2014, was the Head of Web Spam at Google, having joined Google as a software engineer in 2000. Most of Cutts social profiles still say Head of Webspam so it’s unclear as to how official this is.

In his new role as Director of Globe Runner, Cutts will head up the agency’s Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search team, with a focus on best practices whilst liaising with the content marketing team.

It appears that he’ll continue to maintain

This is a major coup for Globe Runner, who will not only benefit from the 15 years insider knowledge of this game keeper turned poacher and no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from Cutts on search in the near future as he will likely be able to continue his leading role in the search marketing community.

On the other hand, it does say that he will start work on 1st April – so there is every chance this is just an April fools joke gone out a bit early!

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#### UPDATE – Matt Cutts is not leaving Google! ####

This evening Matt Cutts has updated his Twitter account with a post as follows:

“Since two different people have emailed me about…

Someone is doing an early April Fool’s prank.”