An Intro To SEO

If you have a business and have been setting up any type of web content for it then you’ve probably heard the phrase SEO once or twice. When people use the internet they use search engines to find everything. Search engines are essentially giant filing cabinets full of all the different web pages on the internet. As you can imagine there’s quite a lot of those and your website can easily get lost in the crowd. SEO is a way to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Google Core Web Vitals May Also Consider Noindexed Pages
Google Core Web Vitals May Also Consider Noindexed Pages

This week Google’s John Mueller discussed Google’s new Core Web Vitals and also explained that Google might take into account noindexed pages when working out Core Web Vitals scores for websites.

As reported recently, this could be big news for us SEOs and it’s something that everyone responsible for a website with noindexed pages should potentially be aware of in the long run. Read more

On Yer Bike!

A couple of months ago, GrowTraffic were doing a little bit of networking at our local Shout! Network Group and we were fortunately enough to hear a talk by Wendy Bell from Lancashire County Council (LCC) about the council’s Sustainable Travel Grants, which had recently become available to businesses in the East Lancashire Area. We thought ‘we could do with a bit of that’, so we applied and – guess what? We were granted a Sustainable Travel Grant! Fantastic.  Read more

Google Caffeine and The Implications for SEO

Google gets ready to launch Google Caffeine. Caffeine is now active in its first datacentre so it won’t be long until it’s rolled out full time.

It’s exciting times – we’re going to have to figure out all the new set of rules. To be fair it’s about time, it’s been a while since the last main update which (in my opinion) was Google’s Universal Search, which saw more maps, more videos, more product in the search etc.

So what makes the launch of Google Caffeine so important? In short it reflect a shift in the way the internet is being used. It signals the end of the page as being the unit of value that has been the standard since search engines started trawling the net.

With the advent of the datastream we see a new way to cartegorise a form of information.

What’s a stream? Think Facebook and Twitter, those quick successions of posts and responces. There is also a greater focus on localisation as well as a plethora of other fun stuff for us to get our teeth into.

What does this mean for search engine results as we know them? Well probably not a lot to start off with, but over time we’ll begin to see them becomming more and more important and we will probably see the bobbing effect of a system trying to restore the balance as everyone gets in on the act.

I leave you with one last thought. Streams are real time. Imagine if the changes you make to you website have a direct effect on the search results? Wouldn’t that make SEO even more exciting.


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