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A couple of months ago, GrowTraffic were doing a little bit of networking at our local Shout! Network Group and we were fortunately enough to hear a talk by Wendy Bell from Lancashire County Council (LCC) about the council’s Sustainable Travel Grants, which had recently become available to businesses in the East Lancashire Area. We thought ‘we could do with a bit of that’, so we applied and – guess what? We were granted a Sustainable Travel Grant! Fantastic.  Read More

CV of Simon Dalley

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I’ve worked as the Head of Search Marketing at one of the North West’s premier design agencies; 2am Media and for three years after that I headed up the marketing at Skiddle, the UK’s premier online events guide & ticket sales website being rated in the top 6 by Experian Hitwise, now I work as Group Marketing Manager of OBAS Group.

By night I’m a freelance search marketer as a freelance seo, freelance ppc and freelance copywriter. To give you a bit of understanding about me and what I’m all about here’s my back ground:

Who has Simon worked with?

I’ve got years of experience as a creative marketer, working with market leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Nissan, DAF Trucks, Car Craft, We Buy Any Car, Baines and Ernst (and the Paymex Group), Donnington Park, Haydock Park, Henley’s Clothing, UKFast, umi Hotels to name but a few.

Simon’s Background in Marketing

My career started back in 2003 working for a creative, data marketing and research agency, this formed the foundation for my love of statistics and questioning techniques and is the basis for the methodological approach I use when attempting to understand a client’s target market and search potential.

Copywriting and Content

Whilst in this role I took on the responsibility of developing a national monthly publication, managing the day to day running, press sourcing, advertising sales, events organising as well as article writing. It was at this point that a copywriting and content based path in marketing became a destiny.

During this period I also dealt with clients and designers to create targeted ad campaigns, including direct mails, emails marketing campaigns and display advertising campaigns. Later these skills would be put to use liasing with clients when managing the development of software and website solutions.


Within the first few years of my career, online advertising techniques such as pay-per-click began to overtake the old cost-per-thousand model and in 2005 I began to operate in this area on behalf of clients, this then led to the other search marketing world of SEO and the rest is history.

Personal Life of a Search Marketing and Finding Strategist

I’m married to Rachel with a young son called Leon, I’m super passionate for all things internet marketing and it flows into everything I do, and you’ll be lucky to hear me talking about anything else – even over a beer!

If you like what you’ve read and you’d like me to work with your projects then get in touch.

Detailing London

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If you’ve ever wondered about how they got those cars looking so shiny then you need to learn about the world of car detailing. Detailing in London is a major industry and luxury car owners can pay thousands of pounds to create

Detailing in London

GrowTraffic has been working with Detailing London specialists to help them raise the profile of their website and rank better in Google.

B&H are the detailing specialists, carrying out car detailing in London for an exclusive client range are almost wholly represented by the supercars and luxury vehicles the organisations carries out detailing for.

What is detailing?

Detailing is about cleaning a car both in and out to bring it up to show standard, but it’s a bit more than that, detailing is about expert preparation of the surfaces of the vehicle (especially the paintwork) to restore them to their original show room standards and guard them against the elements which can cause them to become damages – such as the rain and sun.

Contact B&H Detailing in London

If you’re looking for a London detailing specialist then you should look no further than B&H as they are arguably the best specialists in detailing London has to offer. Visit their website at today for more information.

Freelance Google Places Optimisation (UK)

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Freelance Google Places Otimisation Services

Free Google Places (UK) Optimisation

These days, getting your business to rank on Google Maps is as important as getting it to rank on the Web results pages. Increasingly, people are searching for local businesses using Google Maps and, if someone else’s business pops up in response to a search, then prospective customers will go there instead of to you, losing you potential revenue.

Google has recently made some fairly major changes to its algorithms in relation to local search and Google Maps listings, all of which mean that this area of search marketing is evolving quickly and becoming progressively more important to master.

If you’re struggling with your Google Maps account and need to speak to a Google Places specialist then please get in touch now, either by completing the contact form or calling Simon on 07411 420 740.

GrowTraffic has helped countless businesses just like yours to rank on Map searches and we have a deep understanding of how Google Maps operates. In fact, we’re so confident in our success rate that we’ll optimise your Google Places account on your behalf and won’t ask you for a penny until your listing is ranking on the first page in the Google Maps section for your desired search results.


Freelance Google Maps Specialist

The fact that you’re reading this means that you probably already understand the potential benefits of appearing in the Maps section of the Google search results. However, if you’re not yet convinced, then let us spell out the benefits for you;

  • Google is placing increasing importance on this area of search marketing.
  • The Maps section often appears above the organic listings.
  • The Maps section normally appears for local searches.
  • The Maps section has a higher click through rate (CTR).
  • Clicks from the Maps section normally convert.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of an optimised Google Places account and you need a little more convincing that having a Google Maps expert on your team is essential, then please give us a call on 07411 420 740 or drop us a line using the contact form; we’re always happy to just have a chat or offer some advice.


Guaranteed Google Maps Listing

With a wealth of experience behind us, GrowTraffic is happy to commit to our Google Maps clients that we’ll get your listing displaying in the Maps section of the first page of Google’s search listings for the keywords you want and, what’s more, we’ll only charge you for it once we’ve got you there.

So, if this sounds like something that your business needs, whether you would like us to do it for you or if you’d prefer some advice to help you do it yourself, then please give us a call now on 07411 420 740, or fill out the contact form and GrowTraffic will get back to you as soon as we can.

Freelance PPC (Pay Per Click) Consultant

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Google Adwords Expert

Google Adwords Expert Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating traffic to your website. What’s more, it provides you with instant feedback, so you always know when and where to focus your money; specifically, on the keywords that convert.

PPC Consultant

As search marketers, GrowTraffic have managed the PPC campaigns for a wide range of clients over the years. Not only have we worked with a wide range of businesses but we’ve also worked with a wide range of budgets, from campaigns that spend a few pounds a day to campaigns that spend tens of thousands of pounds a week.

With over 10 years of experience under his belt, both for GrowTraffic and external companies, Simon Dalley is GrowTraffic’s PPC expert. As he states himself, his role as a PPC Consultant largely crosses over into the sphere of search marketing so, if you speak to him about PPC, then you’ll also be speaking to a Freelance SEO Consultant who can give you a holistic appraisal of your needs.

Moreover, Simon loves talking to people about this sphere of his work so, if you’re looking for someone to carry out your PPC on a freelance basis or just wants some thought on your current PPC activities simply give him a shout on 07411 420 740.

Digital Marketing Guru!

Here, to prove how much he loves talking about PPC, Simon discusses Pay Per Click as part of a Finding Strategy;

“It’s been important for a while now to think about how PPC and SEO play together, it’s not just a case of doing one without the other. Even if you are just protecting your brand with your pay-per-click budget, it’s still important.

What’s more, as the role of a Search Marketer moves further and further towards a Finding Strategist role, it’s important to consider how PPC can be implemented on other finding engines, such as social media websites, and also how social media influences the way people interact with search engines.

Remember, if you just want a bit of advice about PPC, or even if you just need someone to cast their eye over the set up of a new PPC campaign then let me know – this is what I do, what I love to do and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

You can call me directly on 07411 420 740 or, as I appreciate that not everyone likes to pick up the phone in the first instance (and I like getting emails!), you can simply email me or fill out the contact form on the website and I’ll get back to your query as soon as I can.”

 Simon Dalley.

Guitar Lessons in Leyland

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If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Leyland then take a look at guitar tutor Wayne McMillen’s website.

Wayne is a full time guitar tutor with over 7 years experience teaching guitar at various levels and in different styles.

Guitar Tutor based in Leyland

As a guitar tutor based in Leyland, Wayne deals with pupils from all over the Lancashire area, including Chorley, Preston, Blackpool and Blackburn.

Wayne works from home using a one on one approach which enables him as a guitar teacher to get the best results.

Guitar Teacher in Leyland

If you’re looking for a guitar teacher in Leyland and you pick Wayne his fees are:

  • 30 mins – £12.00
  • 1 hour – £22.00

Leyland Guitar Teachers Contact Details


01772 464 894


0772 031040


Product Design Consultancy

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The good product design consultancy is a rare thing in the UK, it’s not the same as finding a good web designer. Product design is concerned with the development and creation of ideas during the new product development process.

Product Designers North West

Product Designers create conceptualized ideas, often creating 3-dimensional models that fulfill the requirements of the instigators of the new product development scheme, many product design consultants will also then evaluate the marketability products designed and amend the product designs to better suit the conditions the market demands.

How has CAD changed the role of a Product Design Consultancy?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) has greater improved the process of new product design and development by reducing the amount of time and costs associated with new product design (NPD).

Often product design and industrial design is confused – industrial design is concerned with the artistic process, where this is always an important element for a product designer, a product design consultancy should first be concerned with the usability and functionality of the product being designed. This is the fundamental aspect of any design process.

What is the Process of Product Design?

There are a number of stages in the product design process, however these can roughly be broken down into the following product design and development phases, often a product design will pass to a stage and then fall back to a previous product design phase in order the product designer can work on the product development feedback built into the product design process.

  • Idea Development
  • Product Design Solutions
  • Product Design Market Research
  • Marketing

If you are looking for a Product Design Consultancy in the North West, say Manchester or Liverpool or even London then there are plenty of them on the web, make sure that you find a reputable one, you should always review their website and their portfolio to see if their product design techniques and product design processes match your business and your businesses requirements, if not then keep looking you’ll find one that does.

Who is Lloyd Maines?

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This is a question I get asked quite a lot.

If you work with me for any amount of time you’re bound to start to see this name start to crop up.

Lloyd Maines vs. Simon Dalley

Lloyd Maines is a pen name which is an anagram of my own name – mix up the letters and you’ll see it.

It’s important for a search marketer to be able to use more than one name, that’s because you can only post about one topic for so long before you start to get noticed – noticed by people yes, but more importantly by the search engines.

I use the name liberally, I’ve used it when blogging, commenting on posts etc even when writing articles for magazines and writing letters for newspapers.

Django Consultancy Blackpool

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If you’re looking for a Django consultant speak to Jon Atkinson. Django is a programming framework which is highly scalable, quick to develop and easy to maintain.

Django Consultancy

Django Consultancy

Django Consultant

Jon’s company 84labs focuses on Django development. As a Django consultancy 84 Labs are a specialist Django agency based in Blackpool near Preston in the North West with clients throughout the UK.

I’ve worked with Jon on a couple of websites and he’s been great to work with, the process is always really smooth. If you are looking for a Django developer I would highly recommend 84labs.

84labs focus on project rescue, website development and web application development.

84labs: The Best Django Consultancy

You might have already looked at a Django freelancer or at one of the Django agencies, however I’d definitely suggest you visit and find out how they can help you grow your business online.

Halifax dental practice

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For those looking for a Halifax Dental Practice click on the link and go through to their website.

Halifax Dentist

Grow Traffic has recently redeveloped the online presence for Skircoat Green Dental Practice by creating a new website and reorientated the online marketing to target their unique target market.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Halifax look no further than Skircoat Green Dental Practice.
View Larger Map

House for sale in Chorley

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I’m selling my house, I’ve lived here for a while and now I’m looking to move to Eccleston if you’re looking for houses for sale in Chorley then please consider my house at the link below.

The house is on St Peters Street in Chorley, it’s close to a number of schools as well as the good old outdoors.

It’s a 3 bedroom, semi-detached house with a garage plus a drive that can easily fit three cars.

Follow this link to view my house for sale in Chorley.

umi Hotel London

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If you’re looking for a budget hotel in London that’s not tot far from the centre and close enough to all the facilities you should consider umi Hotel London – the best budget hotel London

umi hotels offer a unique stay – the London hotel is a 3 star budget hotel that doesn’t scrimp and save on the services and luxury it offers to its guests.

great hotel check it out!

Web Design in Chorley

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Web Design in Chorley

In the modern age it’s essential that all businesses have a web presence and building new websites is very important for any organization to grow, there again, anyone can design and build a website, very few people are a 100% dedicated SEO Consultant who can really add value with a SEO web design service.

If you are looking for the piece of mind that comes from a long established web agency with multiple web designers then check out 2am Media in Preston – they really are the business and have built some very impressive websites and internationally acclaimed web designs.

Web Design Agency vs Freelance Web Design

The thing about an organisation of a certain size and of a certain experience is you have to pay for it. GrowTraffic manage the build of websites on a freelance basis, with the benefit of keeping the costs down whilst still offering the standards as a larger web agency, with the main benefit of the process being managed by a search marketing expert – so from day one the site will be designed to perform.

Website Design in Chorley

GrowTraffic’s specialism is search engine marketing however a number of businesses have commissioned GrowTraffic to develop their websites along with their web presence.

Contact GrowTraffic for Web Design in Chorley

If you’re looking for web design in Chorley get in touch on 07979 574668 or complete the contact form letting us know what your requirements are.

Google Caffeine and The Implications for SEO

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Google gets ready to launch Google Caffeine. Caffeine is now active in its first datacentre so it won’t be long until it’s rolled out full time.

It’s exciting times – we’re going to have to figure out all the new set of rules. To be fair it’s about time, it’s been a while since the last main update which (in my opinion) was Google’s Universal Search, which saw more maps, more videos, more product in the search etc.

So what makes the launch of Google Caffeine so important? In short it reflect a shift in the way the internet is being used. It signals the end of the page as being the unit of value that has been the standard since search engines started trawling the net.

With the advent of the datastream we see a new way to cartegorise a form of information.

What’s a stream? Think Facebook and Twitter, those quick successions of posts and responces. There is also a greater focus on localisation as well as a plethora of other fun stuff for us to get our teeth into.

What does this mean for search engine results as we know them? Well probably not a lot to start off with, but over time we’ll begin to see them becomming more and more important and we will probably see the bobbing effect of a system trying to restore the balance as everyone gets in on the act.

I leave you with one last thought. Streams are real time. Imagine if the changes you make to you website have a direct effect on the search results? Wouldn’t that make SEO even more exciting.

seo preston – search engine optimisation – 2am Media

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I work for 2am Media and carry out search engine optimsation (seo) for their clients – all contacts made through this website will be dealt with by 2am Media – their website can be found at

As part of 2am’s search engine optimisation team, we have all the solutions, tools and experience to take any website to a higher level. We gurantee to increase visitors through our services such as pay per click and web design with search engine friendly structure. With a our dedicated transparent clear reports package dream analytics you will have all the answers. Internet marketing is all about strategy and with our experience the right strategy will be applied to your internet marketing campaign.

Visit the 2am Media website now!

Email Marketing Services

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E-marketing is one of the most important ways in which you can communicate with potential customers, existing customers and even lapsed customers.

GrowTraffic will design and distribute your emails, using the best email marketing practices to ensure your message has the best chance of being received and reviewed by the members of your email dataset.

By carrying out your emarketing on your behalf GrowTraffic will ensure that your dataset is always up to date and complies with the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

Contact GrowTraffic now for more information.

Online Reputation Management – Making a Mistake

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It’s really easy to make a mistake when you’re dealing with online reputation management, you can say the wrong thing from time to time and it’s possible that this can come back to bite you in the behind.

I once published a letter of resignation on a facebook profile. My intention with this was only to let my old colleagues know why I had left, inadvertently this lead to me disclosing information that the company deemed potentially damaging, this had an affect on me, my business and personal relationships with colleagues.

The thing I have learned from this is to be careful with absolutely everything I put out there – it all has an impact and has implications. What is done can’t always be undone – even if you hit delete.

Online Press Release

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One of the most effective forms of internet marketing is writing and publishing online press releases. The press release generates external content which is essential for the promotion of your brand and website. It also allows for the creation of backlinks to your website, which should be targeted around specific keywords and these, in turn, generate and drive traffic back to the website.

Freelance Online PRPress Release Services

Grow Traffic will write and publish the online press releases on reputable online PR websites and well established traditional publications, generating backlinks, as well as distributing the press release to a number of publications for review.

Online PR vs Offline PR

Although the purpose of online PR is to produce external content and links back to your site (thereby strengthening your site for targetted keywords), a well-structured press release will often be picked up by other organisations and reproduced again increasing the visibility of your website.

As copywriting specialists, GrowTraffic will create press releases that don’t only help you grow your presence online, but which will also engage journalists in well-respected publications to help you generate the maximum reach and lead industry conversations.

If you’re looking to develop a relationship with a freelancer that can offer freelance online PR services then get in touch now.