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Ten Things A Website Needs To Convert Customers

There are certain things every website needs in order to attract customers, convert them, and rank in the search engines.

This need is based on:

  1. What people want
  2. What search engines want (arguably, this is more important; if you don’t please the mighty Google, your site won’t be found by anyone, so it doesn’t matter what they want)

It is a delicate balance, but the right web designers can achieve it.

This infographic tells you the top ten things a website needs.

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5 Tips For Converting Website Visitors

Converting website visitors is simply getting a user to do what you want them to do! For example, a retailer may want a visitor to make a purchase. A B2B service provider may just want the user to get in touch. If your website aims to provide resources, then you may want visitors to read certain material first.

You get the picture – you set a goal and then try to get visitors to reach them.

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How Search Trends For Digital Marketing Terms Have Been Affected By The COVID-19 Crisis In The UK
How Search Trends For Digital Marketing Terms Have Been Affected By The COVID-19 Crisis In The UK

Everyone can see the impact the COVID-19 Crisis has had on the economy and the wider landscape. A lot of businesses are going to close and a lot of people are going to be unemployed because of this. But, doesn’t everyone know now is the time to step up their marketing activities and start new ventures?

We thought we’d take a look at what the search trends for various digital marketing topics and search queries look like, which I think should provide an indication about what marketing professionals and business owners are turning to – or will turn to – after this crisis and the lockdown is over.

The figures and charts below are from Google Trends and represent search trends in the UK only. It’s worth noting I’m interested in search trends for search terms and not for search topics.

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