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Could the Olympics be good for Britain’s business community?

There’s been a lot of talk about how much the Olympics has cost us as a nation, and there’s also a lot of talk about paying dividends in the future. 

I thought the argument of the Olympics paying off for London and the rest of Great Britain was a bit woolly. However, I’m now a convert. Admittedly, this isn’t so much about search marketing but rather business, the Olympics and Britain’s place in the world. 

You are saying that I am, of course, thinking about things from the perspective of a search marketer and SEO consultant, which is already a very international business community.  Most of us have worked with organisations throughout the world.

The Olympic Games have come to a close for another four years.  London has been excellent at hosting the games and enthralling the UK and the rest of the world to watch; this indeed is the case. 

However, I believe they’ve not understood their primary target audience, i.e. the British public and British business.

The government have positioned the Olympics in London as an effective advertising event/rebranding exercise whilst the rest of the world watched. This certainly is the case.

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Can a sense of national pride build an economy?

I don’t go in for jingoism; I tend to leave that to my parent’s and grandparents’ generations; however, let’s be honest, there’s been a fair amount this year for the UK’s business owners to get behind. 

I’ve indeed found the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics to be an excellent resource for marketing. I think it’s about time, mid-recession, that we did a little bit more flag-waving, that we have a little more time feeling good about what we’ve achieved and what we’re capable of. 

Economies are built on belief, and I think we’re starting to believe again. It’s about time we forget to listen to the naysayers and the doom merchants of the media. They seem incapable of putting a positive spin on anything.

 Over the last few weeks, we’ve reminded this rapidly changing world that Britain is still great, that we’re not going anywhere. 

We’re a cultural force to be reckoned with. The British people are ready to lead from the front, more significant than the sum of our constituent parts, challenging or daring the rest world to be as exceptional as we have been and continue to be.

Britain has spent the last 40 years looking inwards because we couldn’t bear to examine the rest of the world in the eye with the knowledge of our imperial past, either because of shame for it or because we’ve lost it. Well, I believe the age of apologising for empire is over.

Britons must join together to ride this wave of national pride and international goodwill. 

Starting in our homes and workplaces, just as Britain delivers spectacular success as the capital city of our multicultural world, Britain’s success begins with the wins we create for ourselves.

Images illustrating a blog by SEO consultants, GrowTraffic, on how to turn an idea into a real business.

What legacy do the Olympics leave for British business?

The sporting legacy of these games is essential; we must introduce our children to competitive sports, especially in the information age where games consoles and Facebook can be so all-consuming. However, the most important legacy of these games should surely be to British business.

The Olympic games of London in 2012 offer an opportunity to awaken the tacit knowledge that we’ve not dared to speak of or recognise since the era of decolonisation. 

That a considerable amount of the culture and economic wealth of the world is still dominated by and flows through Great Britain. 

That our capital city is like no other on the planet in terms of the richness of its diversity, that the tentacles of these connections flow back to 10s of thousands of cities, towns and villages around the world, touching the lives of billions of people and the economies of every since the country of the world.

It’s time we look outwards once more and realise that the opportunities that arise from being the capital of global multiculturalism are the most incredible opportunity British businesses, large or small, have.

Could the Olympics be good for Britain’s business community?

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