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Cross Cut Office Shredders: Ranking a New Category

So I’ve been trying to get a site to rank for the terms Cross-Cut Office Shredders and Cross Cut Office Shredder, and I’ve been having a bit of fun and games with it at the moment.

 Therefore, I will use this blog to vent my thoughts and ideas about what’s happening with the rankings there.

Let’s go back to the start. The site in question is It’s a relatively new site and domain (having been launched in September 2011), and it’s an eCommerce website that sells (wait for it!) shredders.

Before we start, it’s worth saying the site has something going against it and that domain age and history; essentially, it has no authority. We’ve done a bit of PR, blog posting, and social media created directory entries to build things up slowly. 

However, suppose we put the fact that the site has no authority to one side for the time being.  In that case, the site is relatively well optimised, has a reasonable conversion rate (about 3%) and has a design that leaves most of its competitors in the shade. 

The issue is it doesn’t seem to want to rank quickly for the terms it’s optimised for.

Why Choose Cross-Cut Office Shredders?

To carry out a bit of a test on this subject, I decided to get the site ranking for a long tail phrase that incorporated a couple of keywords that we want to give the site a whole strength for.

 We had a look around and came up with a phrase that wasn’t at all competitive, namely: Cross Cut Office Shredders. 

By looking at what other sites are doing, it seems that there are only around 3 websites in the top 20 Google results that target this keyphrase. So it’s perfect, as Del Boy would say (it’s Christmas time, and I’m ready for the reruns).

Targeting Cross-Cut Office Shredders

The first task was to create a category page called Cross-Cut Office Shredders and assign all the cross-cut office shredders to this category; the next job was to make sure the category page was well optimised for everything to do with a cross-cut office shredder.

This isn’t just about the search engines, though. This is a helpful category for anyone visiting the site, so everyone wins. This done, the new cross-cut office shredder page was set life, and we waited to see what would happen. And we waited. And we waited. 

OK – so nothing seemed to be happening. So we checked the sitemap was being pushed out to Google Webmaster Tools, and it was, so we added a link to the footer, and we waited another week or so and again, nothing seemed to happen, no rankings in the top 100. 

The following job builds some links to the site. This was done using social media blog comments – still nothing in the top 100. Odd – I’m seriously questioning the software that the site is built in now (and still am a bit), it’s built-in classic .asp, and we’ve had to work closely with the developers to bring it up to 2010 / 2011 standards.

So what’s next? The next thing I did was to create a blog post on the corporate site’s blog explaining about cross-cut office shredders and to explain why we’ve created this section on the shredders website – mainly from the point of view of usability (although this is a test it’s a new section that we believe will be helpful to the site visitors). 

So I created this blog post – gave it one link back to the category page, and the new blog post is ranking on the second/third page of Google the next day. Great I think – so I’m not losing my touch. 

The day after that, the category section started to rank, not as high as the blog post, but it’s still ranking. The blog post was written on the corporate site, built-in WordPress, which Google obviously loves.

Continuing the Cross Cut Office Shredders Experiment

As with every experiment you carry out in the search engines, they’re never really finished. 

I’ve got to page 3 for a term that should be very easy to rank for; it’s a result but not a great one. I have now reached more unanswered questions. I question whether it is domain age counting against the site, is it that the built-in system isn’t fast enough or search engine friendly enough.  Maybe it’s just that Google doesn’t like my copy about cross-cut office shredders, or maybe there’s something to do with it being a listings page that is working against it.

I’m going to continue to work on this page and get some more insight into what’s happening here, and I’ll report back as soon as I’ve come up with any firm conclusions. 

I’m going to put a guess that I’ll have it on the first page of Google for the term cross-cut office shredders by the second week in January.

Time will tell, and we shall see.

Cross Cut Office Shredders: Ranking a New Category

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