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Django Consultancy Blackpool

If you’re looking for a Django consultant speak to Jon Atkinson. Django is a programming framework which is highly scalable, quick to develop and easy to maintain.

Django Consultancy

Django Consultancy

Django Consultant

Jon’s company 84labs focuses on Django development. As a Django consultancy 84 Labs are a specialist Django agency based in Blackpool near Preston in the North West with clients throughout the UK.

I’ve worked with Jon on a couple of websites and he’s been great to work with, the process is always really smooth. If you are looking for a Django developer I would highly recommend 84labs.

84labs focus on project rescue, website development and web application development.

84labs: The Best Django Consultancy

You might have already looked at a Django freelancer or at one of the Django agencies, however I’d definitely suggest you visit 84labs.com and find out how they can help you grow your business online.