Do Directories Really Work For SEO In 2024?

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Do Directories Really Work For SEO In 2024?

Directories have been a key part of SEO campaigns for years. But with recent changes in the digital marketing realm, I wonder how effective they really are. In this blog I aim to answer the question, do directories really work for SEO in 2024? Google’s John Mueller has said that directories don’t particular impact rankings. However, there are some evidence too suggest otherwise, so let’s dig deep!

What Are Directories?

Before we dive head first into how helpful they are, let’s go right back to basics and first explore what a directory is.

Remember the days of the yellow pages? Since more and more businesses have made their mark online, directories like the yellow pages have had to do the same. A web directory is a site that facilitates navigation to a group of businesses. This is where you can find details about a business including their name, address and contact details. 

Some directories are topic specific, categorising businesses in a certain field whereas others may be location specific, showing details of companies in the local area.

Once upon a time, a directory was the ‘go to’ for many businesses that wanted to advertise themselves online, however, since then the internet has evolved massively (and still is) which raises the question on the importance of directories in 2024. Although the popularity and importance of web directories has dropped since the evolution of search engines, so many companies still use them, but do they really work for SEO?

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Do Directories Work For SEO?

Many SEO agencies (us included) will argue the fact that directories can still hold a valued place in. Your SEO strategy, however the answer to the question ‘do they really work for SEO in 2024’ isn’t a straight yes or no. Let’s explore.

Online directories can really help local SEO. If you are wanting to dominate your local market, offsite SEO tactics like adding directory listings can be really beneficial. Having your details in online directories means that those in your nearby area can find you easier. Google uses citations in directories to boost you in your local area.

If you are wanting to improve your local SEO, look for web directories that have a local focus that can also provide a highly relevant backlink to your site. Claiming and optimising your listings in local directories means you stay relevant within your local market, as well as your industry. 

Global directories, are less clear cut, however that isn’t to say that when they are used right, they can’t really work for your SEO campaign. Search engines like Google, tend to give large directories less weight when it comes to their effect on your rankings. My advise when looking for web directories is to be selective. Stay relevant to your niche or area to avoid low quality directories. 

When adding your business to directories, in order to get the most out of them for your SEO in 2024, it’s important to consider the following three things:

  • Quality over quantity – it is better to have fewer listings on directories that have a good reputation and a relevant audience for your business.
  • Accuracy – if you take any top tip away from this blog, let it be this. Your details and information must be consistent across all directories.
  • Competition – Take a look at your competitors directory listings and identify opportunities where you can improve your own listing or gaps that you may be missing in your directory strategy.

Directories In 2024

Following some of the previous tips, there is no reason why directories shouldn’t work to leverage your SEO in 2024.

Yes, the internet is forever evolving and web directories may not have the same prevalence online as they once did, but that isn’t to necessarily say that they can’t work for you.

Offsite SEO is a huge field, made up of many components, and directory listings are one part of this puzzle. As an SEO agency delivering a wide range of SEO tools to our clients, adding directory listings still remains an important part of many offsite SEO campaigns that we lead.

Here at GrowTraffic, we focus on high quality directories when creating listings and pair this with tons of other crucial SEO tactics like creating helpful content on your website, building backlinks and optimising your pages.

If you would like to learn more about whether directories really work for SEO in 2024, or learn a bit about what we do to boost rankings, feel free to reach out to a member of the GrowTraffic team today.

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