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Do I Have The Right Marketing Mix?

When it comes to marketing, it is all too easy to use a scattergun approach and fling content on the internet like making a casserole with whatever random ingredients you’ve got left in the fridge.

Sure, you will end up with a meal, but will anyone like it? Let’s have a look (at marketing, not cooking, we can do that next week) and answer the question, do I have the right marketing mix?

Understanding The Marketing Mix

Any marketer worth their salt will tell you that marketing is all about getting the right product or service, at the right price, in front of the right people, at the right time. We always make it sound simple but nothing is ever that easy.

If you have ever googled ‘marketing’ you will see at thousands of web pages and most of them will have different opinions on marketing.

By its very nature, marketing isn’t an exact science. If it was, I would be on CNN right now publicising my book tour.

What works for one product campaign, may not work for another product.

But, if we strip everything away, all the opinions and buzzwords, the foundations of marketing are built on the marketing mix.

The Four Ps

The four Ps are the basics of the marketing mix. Get these right and you’re on the right track to baking yourself some delicious tasting rewards. The four Ps are:

  1. Product: The goods and/or services offered by a company to its customers.
  2. Price: The amount of money paid by customers to purchase the product.
  3. Place (or distribution): The activities that make the product available to consumers.
  4. Promotion: The activities that communicate the product’s features and benefits and persuade customers to purchase the product.

Marketing Tools For The Four Ps

Each P has a set of ‘tools’ which are used to create the right marketing mix:

  • Product: variety, quality, design, features, brand name, packaging, services
  • Price: list price, discounts, allowance, payment period, credit terms
  • Place: channels, coverage, assortments, locations, inventory, transportation, logistics
  • Promotion: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations

You might also want to add People and Performance to the marketing mix if you are exclusively providing an online product.

Around 90% of businesses fail to successfully implement their marketing strategies, so you can bet that part of the issue here is many of them have failed to get the marketing mix right.

Understanding The Role Of The Marketing Mix Online

Getting the marketing mix right is probably even more important when you’re looking at marketing online. That’s because it’s so much easier to make comparisons between product features and prices and also because digital marketing provides a great deal more immediacy in terms of channels and promotion.

We work with our clients throughout the online elements of the marketing mix. This can range from branding through to product development and competitor research, through to website design and development, special offers and packages.

However, our focus always turns to the Place and Promotion elements of the mix. And our focus is generally on using a content marketing approach for the benefit of SEO which is then distributed through social media channels.

In addition to this, we work on paid campaigns for our clients to drive targeted traffic to their conversion pages.

We often get to a point where we have to go back to the basics of the marketing mix and say to our customers: “are you sure this product is right?” or “are you sure this price is right?” or “are you confident you’re targeting the right customers?”. Sometimes the proof is in the pudding and once you start promoting a product you get the overwhelming sense that the mix isn’t quite right.

Promoting Products And Services Online

So if you think you’ve got the mix right and you’re delivering your strategy to the plan then you will know quite quickly if you need to change things up a bit.

We’re an SEO agency first and foremost, so you’ll forgive me for concentrating on the impact of promotion and specifically using SEO and content marketing to promote products and services online.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about what content marketing strategies work in different sectors? That goes through the best types of content marketing for SEOs.

Video marketing is increasingly popular at the moment, from Instagram stories to Facebook videos and if you have children or know people with children, you will know that YouTube how lots of younger people get most, if not all of their entertainment and some education.

One avenue of video content that is proving to be particularly popular is the ‘how to’ videos.

I’m sure you have at some point googled ‘how to’ something. It may even be how you ended up reading this blog!

An excellent example of this is from the good people at They have what they call Whiteboard Fridays, where they discuss a topic in a short video.

Here is a fantastic one on the The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

If it is a product designed for younger people, then YouTube is a good place to be. But young people will use a variety of media. So do some research or speak to young people (only if you know them, I wouldn’t recommend approaching random young people in the street and asking them if they like TikTok) and find out what they use.

If the product is food or fashion-based, then Instagram is (or it was when I typed this) the best place to be. Instagram influencers can make a product with just one endorsement in a picture.

It is also important to remember that people are fickle, and trends can change quickly (Hi MySpace and Bebo) so always read as much as you can about the subject.

Voice Searching And AI

A good example of how quickly marketing can change is the increase in voice searching. People are now asking Alexa and Siri and cutting out Google searching.

People are also searching directly on Amazon and bypassing any search engine at all.

The always excellent Search Engine Journal put together this great video on voice searching and AI here.

In Summary

As with everything in marketing, it’s important to measure your performance and understand what your marketing is achieving.

By reviewing the different parts of the marketing mix you will be able to create a feedback loop that will inform itself, enabling for product development, price changes, better segmentation of the audience, new channels and more targeted advertising and content creation.

Here at GrowTraffic, we believe creating the right kind of content and creating a good traffic acquisition machine through great SEO is fundamental to gaining the level of data required to make rapid changes to the marketing mix when required.

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