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Do SEO packages really work?

When asking the question do seo packages really work we’re not talking about the kind of bespoke seo solutions that we offer through GrowTraffic. As a freelance seo consultant I’ve been asked many times why I don’t just have a banded service offering packages you for £100, £200, £250 a month etc.

In these seo packages you tend to get so many links back to your website each month. They might even create a blog post for you. These kind of seo packages can be great for business owners who know what they need to put in place to make their websites rank.

With these kind of packages you want to make sure you’re getting good authoritative links from genuine sources that appear to be natural. Unfortunately this is one of the hardest things to do and one of the things that these kinds of packages don’t generally do well. That’s because genuine link building doesn’t scale very effectively.

When you’re looking at seo packages you’ll often find providers talking about cost per keyword. I always think this is a bit of a strange way to look at SEO because by increasing the strength of a website you’re increasing the ability of a website for a vast number of keywords, in addition, it’s a bit old fashioned. In the era of semantic search to increase the rankings for one words you got to think about a lot more than one keyword or phrase.

They should be talking about creating links on websites with different class C IDs. This is about the IP of the server on which the website you’re getting links from is hosted. Best practice is still to get links from unrelated websites and different class C IDs is the best place to start. If they’re not talking about link diversity then the seo package in question isn’t worth looking at.

Be careful of anyone that’s talking about creating and submitting articles and press releases. If they’re talking about creating genuine, unique articles that are targeted to the audience that’s OK. If they’re talking about doing genuine PR, not submitting to online PR websites then that’s fine too. But if they’re submitting to low quality submission sites then stay away.

Back in the day we used to talk about content farming and content submission websites created blog networks in order to increase the strength of the articles on the sites, which in turn increased the strength of the links in the articles. Google did a lot in the early teenies to deal with this. Be found to be doing this and you could get your site burnt for a considerable amount of time.

Link acquisition velocity is also important. That means you can’t be seen to be getting all your links through at the same time. That’s a clear signal to Google that something is going on. It’s also worth saying that it’s not just about how fast they come through, but also if they gradually stop or stop coming through abruptly. Be careful about link velocity when you looking at seo packages on offer.

The above points cover most of the things you get as standard in seo packages. Now you also have to consider can you read between the lines of the seo packages marketing lines?

Generally when promoting seo packages seo firms will talk about not using automated systems. I’ve yet to see an seo package that doesn’t use some kind of software to deliver the content and links. These all leave a trace in the things they’re pushing out there.

Just because they say they don’t spin content doesn’t mean that that content is any good or that it’s even written by a human writer. There is software out there that automates the content production process. It’s good up to a point but it’s still not perfect and won’t outperform the content created by a person – or at least it won’t stand up to human review. For the price of most seo packages you’re going to be looking at fairly poor quality content – which is not good!

I’d say whilst a standard seo package can be useful even now, it’s important that you use them in conjunction with a well thought out and thought through seo strategy that looks to source diverse links naturally from unique content.

If you’re confident you can get the most out of a standard seo package then it’s worth trying. If not please speak to us about our bespoke seo services by emailing or by calling 07495 181007 (we don’t bite!).

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