Do Terms and Conditions Pages Help Your SEO

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Do Terms and Conditions Pages Help Your SEO?

When you are creating your website you want to make sure that everything is helping you and your business get the best possible search engine ranking, so you might be wondering… Do terms and conditions pages help your SEO?

Practically everything on your website can help improve your ranking, but how you organise and curate everything in your website, including your terms and conditions pages, can have a huge impact.

What Are Terms and Conditions Pages?

Terms and conditions are also known as terms of service or terms of usage but they all mean the same thing and function in the same way. Terms and Conditions essentially work as a contract between you and your customers, or in this case, between you and the people visiting your website.

You can use a terms and conditions page to achieve several things on your website. You can outline your business plans and ethics and give a clear outline of what your website is about.

You can also include important legal details or a list of prohibitions or general guidelines to be followed by users. This is useful for ensuring that people aren’t going to take advantage of your site or services and use them for illegal or unlawful purposes.

Terms and conditions pages are a great place for warnings like a copyright notice. Having a Copyright notice doesn’t mean you’ll be completely protected from people taking your content but does work as a great deterrent and helps your site look professional.

Terms and conditions pages don’t just have to be a place to outline your legal and ethical stipulations regarding your site. You can also provide the reader with important information like details of your products and services.

You can also add in any important disclaimers you might need or outline your company’s use of services that require subscriptions and payments.

You can of course put this anywhere on your site, but putting it on a terms and conditions page makes it seem much more official and professional especially if the rules and regulations of the terms and conditions don’t match the style and tone of voice of the rest of your website.

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Do Terms and Conditions Pages Help Your SEO?

Having a terms and conditions page can really help improve your website and how it does when it comes to search engine ranking.

Search engines rank websites using algorithms. These algorithms are designed to read your website’s content and decide how relevant your website is. This decides where your website will fall in the ranking.

The algorithms search for certain things like keywords. The more keywords you have on your site the more likely you are to get on the first page of the search engine results. Keywords are words that are commonly used when people search for something on a search engine.

You can find the commonly searched questions or keywords on sights like answerthepublic and seranking.

Search engines such as Google have a clear idea of what kind of sites they want to see on the first pages of their results and it’s important to make sure your website fits Google’s image if you want to do well on it.

Your website needs to look professional or else Google won’t think it has any credibility and might not even think it’s a real website. Be mindful when placing links on your website, too many can make it slow and difficult to use or look messy and unprofessional. Google is looking at slick websites that only link when it’s necessary.

Similarly be careful with things like videos, graphics and pop-up ads. They may look cool and help with advertising but that can slow a site down and look messy and spammy if not done correctly, especially if the constantly loading and pop-ups can causing your web content to shift and doesn’t make for a good user experience.

Having a terms and conditions page will help your website look sleek and professional. Having something to show you understand the business and have given some thought to legal and ethical aspects of the site will help show this is a serious website for a real business.


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