Do You Need a Blogging and Content Marketing Coach?

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Do You Need a Blogging and Content Marketing Coach?

Despite the plethora of content out there on the internet that advises us on blogging and content marketing (this blog included), there are still businesses out there that fail or struggle when it comes to managing content. We know the struggle when it comes to content isn’t down to a lack of information so why is it? This blog aims to answer the question – do you need a blogging and content marketing coach?

Seeking guidance for your content marketing is a brilliant way to kickstart your marketing journey – but to hire a coach, is it a good investment? Do you need it? Let’s explore.

What Is A Content Marketing Coach?

A blogging coach or a content marketing coach is exactly that – a person or a group of people that offer coaching services, tailored to advise on blogging and content marketing techniques.

The difference between a content marketing coach and a content marketing agency is that a coach won’t necessarily swoop on and take over your marketing efforts but instead train you and guide you to do it yourself, rather than outsourcing the strategies. Using their experience, content marketing coaches may help you create a plan for the future of your blogging and content marketing strategies, pointing out what is working and what isn’t in your current way of doing things.

There are agencies out there (like GrowTraffic) that offer consultancy services, helping and supporting you to manage your own content marketing.

Being a content marketing coach might sound superior, but really, if you have experience in blogging and content marketing you can leverage it to help others who may be struggling to achieve a well rounded strategy and marketing success.

The Benefits Of Using A Blogging Coach

We know what a blogging coach is, but this blog aims to answer whether or not you may need one. Let’s delve into some of the benefits of using a blogging coach and you can answer that question for yourself!


Sure, coaching may seem expensive on the service, but in comparison to paying a company to do your content marketing for you, coaching can in fact be the cheaper option. You may gain more value out of the coaching sessions, learning skills that may be transferable across the business. As well as this you are left with an abundance of information, advice and resources, saving you money in the long run.

To answer the question of whether coaching is a good investment, ask yourself this, would you rather be left with near endless value that you would receive from coaching, or pay others to run your content marketing with little to no knowledge of how to keep that going?


Choosing a coach that has years of experience, bags of knowledge and expertise you can rely on equips you to manage your content marketing techniques to the highest standard. Coaches may have levels of experience that they can teach you, meaning you are left with more experience in blogging and content marketing than before – something you wouldn’t necessarily achieve from outsourcing.


With coaching, you can tailor the services you receive to your priorities. Expert coaches are able to spot gaps in your content marketing strategy and enable you to fill those in, as opposed to spending lots of time building on an uneven foundation.

A coach can help you identify your priorities and which area of your content marketing you should be focusing your efforts.


Understanding data is tough – but also crucial when it comes to tracking the success of your content marketing efforts, especially if they are focusing on SEO. As we mentioned earlier, experience is a greatly beneficial thing that a content marketing coach can offer, helping you understand the data and statistics behind your efforts, and in turn, learning them to guide the future of your strategy.


Coaching may not necessarily be an ongoing relationship, but it is certainly one that provides huge value when it comes to improving your business. Not only will working with a blogging coach improve your content and your website, but it will also offer you value in the sense of bettering your own knowledge and experience, which you can then leverage to improve your marketing efforts in the future.

Content Marketing Coaching At GrowTraffic

Sure, the GrowFo’s may not brand themselves as coaches. But with that being said, the GrowTraffic team sit on a huge bank of expertise that we use to educate and guide our clients, whether they want to outsource their content marketing or they want to do it themselves.

A branch of GrowTraffic, GrowSkills, is aimed at those that may want to work alongside a content marketing coach and work on their blogging and content themselves with our support.

You can learn more about our GrowSkills service here.

I have spoken highly of coaching in this blog, as it is something I feel can be a great investment if you choose the right coach. With that being said, however, there are multiple benefits you may find from working with a content marketing agency, that put you first. 

At GrowTraffic, we are the antidote to SEO agencies, making sure we are transparent with our clients, advising them and educating them on the changes we make and our recommendations going forward.

If you would like to chat with us about outsourcing your content marketing, or working alongside a coach and investing in our DIY service, get in touch!

You can call us on 0161 707 0012 or email

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