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Do You Really Need A Freelance SEO Consultant?

As a freelance seo consultant myself you’d probably expect my answer here to be yes, and overall my answer if yes, however your situation may dictate that it’s not necessary for you to get a freelance seo consultant in after all, rather you can focus on what you can do to better promote your website yourself.

When I started working in marketing over 12 years ago there wasn’t a great deal of information about seo. I had a good feel for seo myself as I’d previously set up a website in 2000 and over a space of a few years had made a lot of sales off the back of it. I knew that content was the key to this however it wasn’t until I started working in marketing proper than my previous learnings came into their own.

The successes that I’d had in the realm of seo in those early days were made by accident. With my first website (which is still online if you’re smart enough to find it!) I was able to get thousands of visitors from all over the world and make sales to people from countries such as Russia, Spain and Canada as well as the UK, this was all done through written content on the website which I kept adding to. Remember there wasn’t much in the way of blogging at this point so most of the content was integral to the structure of the site. In addition I did do some link building on that website, although I wouldn’t have known it was link building, that’s a phrase that I learnt many years later.

In my capacity as a marketing executive working in the commercial vehicle industry I started to become more and more responsible for writing and distributing press releases. Very quickly I learned the power of placing a link in a press release for the websites I was promoting, this was especially true in the commercial vehicle industry, which was relatively slow to go online and where a single link could have a huge impact. So it was at that I started working with SEO, although I was still just calling it PR and marketing.

This still rings true of course, there is a lot you can do as a website owner in order to grow your rankings before you start to think about speaking to a freelance seo consultant.

The other thing is, when I started to work in online marketing more properly, I found most websites were terrible – they simply didn’t work, or were built in ways in which search engines (let alone the website visitors) found incredibly difficult to navigate. By rebuilding the website, putting some thought out structure in place and make sure the keywords are in the code where they should be, I found that there would be dramatic increases in the rankings of a website. The thing is, virtually every website is now built in a search engine friendly manner and rebuilding a website no longer offers the same quick wins that it once did.

Over the years it has become increasingly important to write and maintain a blog/news section on a website to continue to grow and maintain the website’s rankings and I would argue that if you think you’ve got a website that’s already been optimised and you’ve got a blog section you need to spend months blogging on that website before you even consider getting a freelance seo consultant involved in thinking about your websites rankings and digital marketing strategy.

Well promoted blog content will help your search engine rankings by creating relevance and trust in your website by the search engines. You should aim to get something live every few days, don’t look at your competitors and say: “well they aren’t doing this” that’s the historical bias in the rankings that’s preventing other websites getting in.

If you’re adding regular content and you’re seeing an increase in organic traffic after around 12 months then I’d suggest it’s time for you to start thinking about speaking to a freelance seo consultant.

Of course you could get some pure link building done for your website and I do still think there’s a place for this, however if you’re not blogging and promoting that blog content I’d suggest you’re risking your websites rankings as there’s no reason why the website would be attracting links without the content being added.

If you’re still asking the question do you really need a freelance seo consultant then feel free to get in touch with GrowTraffic, our digital marketing consultancy is made up of both freelance seo consultancy and freelance seo copywriting and we’ll be able to help you to get a strategy in place to get everything moving faster – but before we start we’re going to want to see you having carried out some consistent blogging of your own, or understand why it’s not been possible for you in terms of capacity.

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