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Does Content Marketing Work?

As a content marketing agency, we are often asked ‘does content marketing work?’. It can seem a bit ethereal and abstract, as a concept, but we assure you it really does work.

But how does it benefit a business? And how do we know?

Well, let’s have a look.

Does Content Marketing Really Work?

The content marketing lord and master himself, Neil Patel, said:

‘Without a doubt, content marketing, done correctly, can produce dramatic results for your business.’

We often find ourselves sitting in sales meetings explaining how content marketing will help a business:

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I could go on. And often do.

But how do we know that content marketing works?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, on average, content marketing generates three times more leads than paid search. As this recent GT blog points out, people are more likely to follow organic links than paid results in search engines.

In fact, 72% of marketers said a solid content strategy had been a major factor in their success in 2018.

On a much more local scale, here at GrowTraffic, we have demonstrated that clients who regularly add at least one piece of content to their website a week and share that content on their social media, will see an increase of at least 200% in their traffic in 12 months.

Every piece of content you put out speaks to your target audience directly and increases your online exposure.

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Content Marketing-How Does It Work?

Let’s re-examine that list of benefits of content marketing to see how content marketing works.

Improve sales

When you give something away for free through content marketing, people are more likely to come back to you to buy stuff. Why? They have already found out you know what you are talking about. You have guided them through the buying journey, from awareness to decision.

Don’t be afraid that telling people how to do things themselves will reduce the number of sales you make.

Just because we can do a task ourselves, doesn’t mean we want to or have the time to. I could paint my whole house if I wanted to, but I don’t have time and I wouldn’t do a very good job. So, I pay someone else to do it. My buyer journey would look something like this:

1) Read an article about home trends for 2020

2) Decide my house needs decorating (google decorating tips)

3) Read all about how to decorate my house from local search results.

4) Realise it is harder than I thought (removing wallpaper? No thanks)

5) Find a decorator

That’s a really slimmed-down version but I went from awareness of a problem to knowing the problem was more complex than I wanted to deal with, to realising I could pay someone to do it for me, to searching for someone local to fix the problem for me.

Increase organic rankings

It is a fact that the more well-optimised content you put on your well-optimised website, the higher you will rank for your keywords.

Firstly, because Google will know what your site is about. Secondly, you are demonstrating to Google your site is up to date, cared for, authoritative, trustworthy, and ‘awesome’ (their word, not mine).

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Make their PPC campaigns more efficient

This is a benefit of content marketing many people overlook.

You cannot set a PPC campaign going and expect it to work if you don’t have lots of relevant content on your site. PPC is a boost to your overall marketing strategy, not the answer to it.

PPC will only work if your website already has relevancy and you only get relevancy by having plenty of content.

Grow your social media following

Sharing really engaging, well-written content on your social media pages will naturally draw more engagement and followers.

It will also drive traffic to your website, thus increasing your opportunity for sales and your organic rankings.

Manage or enhance the reputation of the company and staff

If you and your team are regularly putting content out under their own name (and they should be-as authorship matters!) then it serves to build their reputation.

What do you find when you google yourself or a member of your team? Is it flattering? Does it speak to your audience? Does it strengthen your reputation as an expert, trusted advisor, and a reliable source of information?

Content marketing will achieve that by flooding the internet with expert content you have created.

Lead to wider PR opportunities

Following on from the last point, if you are consistently putting out well researched, written, and optimised content, the PR opportunities will come in.

Online PR opportunities are a fantastic way of boosting your backlink profile; a cornerstone of good SEO.

Plus, it gets your business out and about more.

Make recruitment easier

The higher the profile of you and your business, the easier recruitment will be. Who hasn’t googled a company before applying for a job there?

If you demonstrate online that your business is knowledgeable, authoritative, and approachable, you are more likely to get applicants interested in your field and your company.

And every business owner knows how important it is to recruit the right people.

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Want Help With Your Content Marketing?

So, there you have it. Content marketing really does work and helps your business in a number of ways.

Here at GrowTraffic, we can help you with your content marketing strategy, either through research and strategy or by crafting beautifully made content of all types.

Why not have a look at some of our services, or get in touch with us for a chat? Call 0161 7060012 or email us on info@growtraffic.co.uk. Alternatively, contact us here.

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