Does Fixing Old Broken Links Still Matter to SEO?

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Does Fixing Old Broken Links Still Matter to SEO?

You should always fix broken links when it comes to SEO because it’s just good SEO practice.  Every little thing can count when it comes to SEO, growing your businesses and getting that high rank on Google.

If just one thing is out of place or not working, it can have a negative impact on your rank which will then have a negative impact on your business and its performance. So if you are wondering ‘Does fixing old broken links still matter to SEO?’ the answer is yes and here’s why!

Why Should We Fix Broken Links?

First of all, it’s important to remember that a link is important. They help with your ranking because links give off signals and Google uses these signals to help determine whereabouts your page should rank. Every little link can count and can help give you that little boost in the ranking.

When a link breaks, this is where things can go wrong. A broken link can be when a page 404’s or takes you to a site that no longer works, or it might not even exist anymore. This renders the link practically useless and won’t do anything to help boost your SEO.

There are a few reasons why a link might break. Often, it’s just a simple mistake that can be easily fixed. Check to make sure everything is typed correctly. If just a single character is missing or is incorrect it can render the link useless, and there’s really no point in having a useless link on your page, now is there? It’s just frustrating!

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Sometimes pages can simply break down. If you have removed a page on your website, you need to remember to redirect all the links to the new version of the page. If you don’t, the links won’t be able to go anywhere, and the link will appear broken and Google will not take it into account when ranking your page.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the algorithm, pleasing Google and getting the good, sweet link juice. The more links you have, the more link juice you have and the more link juice you have, the more Google will like you. If your links are broken, then they won’t count, and you will lose some of that vital momentum when it comes to growing your website.

Not every link will have the same impact on the ranking and some links are more important than others. That being said, it’s always a good idea to fix every and any link that needs it, there’s no harm in doing it and it can only be good for your SE ranking.


Which Links Should I Prioritize?

It’s important to fix all of the links on your website if you want to get the most out of it, but it’s important to know which links you need to prioritize.

Prioritize links on pages with high authority or heavy traffic. The most important links are the ones that people are going to see and try to use the most. Chances are the page with the most authority is also the page with the most links on it.

This page and these links are vital when it comes to growing your traffic and getting a high ranking on search engines, so you should always prioritize fixing these links first.

It’s a good idea to prioritize the pages that are the most recent. people are more likely to see the more recent pages and google is more likely to focus on them than they would old pages that have been on your site for years and might not even be relevant to you anymore.

Remember, don’t get too hung up on fixing every link. Links will break, this is just something that happens on the internet and there isn’t much you can do about it. Yes, it’s important to fix relevant links and redirect any that need redirecting, but you can’t spend all day, every day, checking every link on your website.

Check the most important links of your most trafficked websites the most, other than that, try not to get too bogged down trying to fix every link on your page. It’s all about prioritizing!


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