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Does Google Ads Allow Pages with Autoplaying Videos?

Google ads gas no choice but to accept videos that may include auto-playing, as this is known and prominent across the internet and apps. Also, many of these popular news engines have incorporated them into the content they put out for their readers and viewers.

Not many people in all working industries enjoy the fact that these auto-playing videos are still happening as it demands your attention when they may not be necessary.

It also affects how you use your devices as it can affect the use of your data and your battery life.

Unfortunately, in this situation, these auto-playing videos will be around for a lot longer than we would like them to be, and they need some adjustments to them.

There are some good points to add to this as this concept is changing to be better, and you can now not have this on this the site you are on anymore, which is a bonus.

How Can You Disable These Auto Playing Videos?

Everyone who uses the internet knows about the annoyance of auto-playing videos and content.

When you come across a website that you are on, and these auto-playing videos start to pop up and are interrupting what you are doing, there is now an option in which you can stop this from happening.

Google now stops all of these auto-playing videos from playing over a specific limit which then cancels them from playing altogether because of the number of pixels that the website has.

How Many Googles?

What Ways Can These Auto Playing Videos Be Stopped Through A Shortcut Option?

If you have some valid reasons why these auto-playing videos need to be stopped, you may have to use another option other than Google, which could be that you pause them through a shortcut.

  1. Come up with a new kind of shortcut

I would first suggest stopping these auto-playing videos on your desktop and right-clicking until the extended tab comes up and clicking on the new shortcut option.

  1. Choose the chrome file

Once you have created this new shortcut, tap on the browse button option to see if you can locate the Google chromes tab. Then, click on it and press OK when this has been found.

  1. Include the disable auto play option

The next step is to find the file under the location item, add the information that is needed, make sure that it has the correct spaces and links, and then press next.

  1. Pick a title for the shortcut

Title the shortcut whatever it needs to be called as long as it is linked to your business but try to make sure that it is different from the original chrome option.

You could name it as something chrome and autoplay or anything else. Once this has been called, press the finish button.

  1. Check everything is sorted through an auto-playing website

Choose the site you have been using and are having issues with, and ensure the changes you have implemented have worked.

A gentle reminder that these changes may not work on every single piece of video content that you have, but they should improve once these changes have been included.

Stop Auto-Playing Videos From Affecting Your Google Ads Pages?

Stop and cancel these auto-playing videos from working in your browser.

One of the major obstacles when looking for certain things on the internet is that it has so much content with videos and adverts that open in an auto-playing window option.

Whilst having the option to include other extensions that can stop this and be added to this process, Google chrome has all the steps needed for this to happen and for you to have the right level of control.

To disable this kind of content:

  • Open your settings
  • Select the advanced settings button
  • Click on content settings
  • Scroll to the plug-ins option
  • Check the default and run it automatically
  • Then select the click to play to see if this has worked

The Google Ads Auto Play Videos Conclusion

Many companies and employers use these kinds of auto-playing videos to get your attention and focus on the content they can provide for you and your business.

It gets you to look at something different to what you were initially on that website for.

Google and Google chrome not allowing all videos to do has thrown a significant spanner in the works and has caused many problems for many people and users. But you can still use this option to turn them off, but you just can’t do it through them directly.

Also, there is an option in which you can mute these kinds of questions, videos and content to their entirety.

Does Google Ads Allow Pages with Auto-playing Videos?

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