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Does Google Charge For SEO?

To be straightforward, no.

Google doesn’t charge for SEO because they don’t offer this service. Google is a search engine that uses its own algorithm to rank webpages. To rank higher on Google, your webpages need good SEO.

You may decide to ask a reputable SEO agency, like GrowTraffic, for help creating a strategy to increase organic traffic. Although the SEO method itself is free, the agency is not. That’s because SEO agencies will help you strategize, create content and, among other things, help you optimise your website.

But that’s not the only option. You can pay Google for advertising. With this method, your website will appear in the ‘Ads’ section of the results. This is known as a pay-per-click (PPC) model.

This post will discuss the difference between organic searches and the PPC method.

What Is Organic SEO?

To start, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of enriching your website to heighten its visibility on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

When we use the term ‘organic SEO’, what we mean is non-paid methods of SEO. Organic SEO is the natural strategies used to achieve high search rankings on the search engines. Said natural strategies may be keyword searching, link building, including alt-texts and meta descriptions, for example.

Optimisation results in your page rankings steadily increasing over time due to increasing traffic. More traffic improves page rankings because it means more goals are achieved. For example, one of your goals could be a user clicking on a certain link.

What Is PPC?

The pay-per-click method involves the business only paying when their weblink is clicked on. The amount to be paid depends on both the keywords and other competitors. If another business is paying a high amount, you have to be willing to be pay more to go above them.

Any website that uses the PPC method shows up on Google’s SERPs as an ‘Ad’.

A lot of businesses want visibility immediately and so, they will pay Google for advertising. Depending on the keywords, it may even result in your business being the very first result.

Google Ads also allows businesses to promote themselves to a wider audience outside of Google Search due to the Google Display Network (GDN). This network is comprised of thousands of sites which you can select customers and sites that you specifically would like to reach.

How Do I Choose Between Organic SEO And PPC?

Choosing between organic SEO and PPC ultimately depends on your goal.


If you want an immediate audience and to grab attention fast, then PPC is the way to go. You can promote specific deals and reach specific audiences based upon interest or geography. And you’ll be at the top of the SERPs.

However, once you stop paying for advertisements, you’ll no longer be at the top of the results. Additionally, paid SEO sites are actually visited less than those with organic SEO. So even though you’ll reach a wider audience faster, they won’t necessarily visit your site. And the user has to search for a business like yours first.

Organic SEO

If you’re on a budget and not time constricted, organic SEO is the best option for you. Not only do you not have to pay for every click, but non-ad websites typically generate a higher level of trust from customers.

Also, you don’t have to go to an SEO agency (although that is a good option).

In fact, Google has SEO tools that are free to use. One of these tools is Google My Business. You can create a listing for your business and even though the results won’t be immediate, over time organic traffic and good reviews will improve your site ranking.

Just as PPC has its disadvantages, so does organic SEO.

PPC can generate immediate results in comparison to organic SEO, which can take several months to see ranking improvements. It also requires long-term investment and an egregious amount of effort for optimising pages and creating content.

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