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Does SEO Require Coding?

No not really as it is more about the content that is being written.

It is well known for SEO to work with web developers who know these platforms and the coding aspects a lot more, so they worry about the technical side.

Using SEO does not mean that understanding code is required. Having said that, you may find some known HTML and CSS code, so research about these programming languages so they can guide you when writing SEO content.

Coding for SEO

Not all types of SEO are code-free. When developers or experts use code for SEO optimisation, they usually create tools that support automation.

While coding is a great skill, it’s not the only way websites can make it to the main spot. Sometimes, a wordsmith can create the right content to lead surfers directly to their page.

Code You Might Run Into

 As you get further into developing your understanding of SEO, you might run into some code. Usually this is HTML, which is what essentially ‘makes’ a web page.

Heading tags (H1, H2, for example) and link anchor texts may be used, but this is usually done in a page builder or human friendly platform, like WordPress.

Generally speaking, SEO doesn’t require coding.


 Using headings are essentials in SEO. You need a heading in a blog or web content because it splits the content up and helps the paragraphs make more sense.

This improved the user’s experience. Headings are also a known part of coding, but, as we said, you probably don’t need to know that.

Be sure to mark headings as H2 tags.

When using these for content, it is great to understand how to use each one and where they need to be.

Inline Styling

CSS is put into many different files. Once it has loaded, this is how your website is shown.

A good looking website will attract more potential customers to your website. This benefits your SEO because helps your rankings.

If your website is more attractive, more people will use it and it will have higher rankings because the user signals will suggest it is a good website.

Whilst this isn’t strictly part of SEO, being able to style your website will improve your rankings.

Coding Language

 Having the base level of coding language is enough when realising how the front and back of a website works.

But it isn’t a requirement for SEO. Coding is about the content for your website that google can read.

Title tags are important

 Title tags are a major factor in helping search engines understand what the page is about.

The title tag is placed between the opening and closing <head> tags.

Google Analytics Snippet

 This bit of code is the google analytic snippet. When SEO is used on a website, you can track your website’s traffic to see results.

Meta Description

 Starting with the code < meta >, you will see the text that shows where it is on a search engine.


 HTML can support you in optimising your site. It can be used by adding custom tags or words to your website.

It acts as the keywords of your website. HTML can help Google bots find your website faster and rank them.

Internal Links with Anchors

An internal link is a word linked to an anchor. For example, you can add a link to any text by using </a> code.

The key is adding keywords. You still want a readable and interesting article with links.

Businesses with glossaries can use this for backlinking, leading readers to pages within their website.

Is SEO A Technical Job?

 SEO is mainly content writing, researching information and analytics. However, there can be times when SEO challenges the technical side of the code.

How Do I Start SEO?

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