Does Topical Content Bring More Traffic Than Evergreen Content

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Does Topical Content Bring More Traffic Than Evergreen Content?

We’re often asked what type of content is best. This applies to both social media and website content. When someone asks what type of content is best, what they’re usually asking is; what will bring me the most traffic or get me noticed?

Topical and evergreen content can both significantly increase traffic on your website or generate interest on your social media channels. The big difference is the longevity and sustainability of the interest you attract.

Evergreen Content

Often seen as the ‘holy grail’ in content marketing, evergreen content usually aims to educate and will be useful to someone, somewhere, at any time.

If all has gone according to plan, that someone will be in your target audience.

An example…

Why do cats purr?

A quick Google and Whiskas cat food provided me with the answer. Whiskas could have posted that article years ago, but it doesn’t matter – there will always be people asking why cats purr, providing a steady trickle of traffic to their website.

Visit the Whiskas Kat Institute of Technology and you can clearly see they are focused on producing evergreen content – most of it relevant to cat owners or people who are likely to buy a cat.

What benefit does this have to Whiskas?

In addition to bringing a steady flow of relevant visitors to their website over a long period of time, Whiskas are positioning themselves as the experts in all things feline and building customer trust in their brand of cat food. They’re in this for the long haul.

Topical Content

So if that is evergreen content what is topical content?

Topical content is, well, topical! Topical content usually relates to something that has happened recently. This could be a new industry development, news story or something that has generated interest in the short term. The content should still be relevant to your audience though.

Topical content will bring in traffic but only for a certain amount of time. You could potentially even see a big increase in traffic, but it will drop off quite quickly as the content becomes irrelevant.

If Whiskas were to use topical content as part of their marketing strategy, what would that look like? They could write articles on cat-related news that is only relevant in the short term:

World’s oldest cat’ dies at the age of 31

However, as a well-established brand, Whiskas are focussed on maintaining their image as a trusted brand and short bursts of traffic probably wouldn’t bring them many benefits.

Finding The Right Balance

A new cat food brand entering the market might choose to include topical content in their marketing strategy because they’re trying to raise awareness of their product and brand. They could either use this as a short-term strategy or plan to use topical content on a regular basis.

Both types of content are valid ways to increase website traffic and topical content could even attract more traffic in the short term so it shouldn’t be excluded from your content strategy.

Your content marketing strategy and your content should reflect what you want to achieve with your brand/business and both evergreen and topical content will have a part to play. Finding the balance between the two is up to you.

At GrowTraffic, we aim to post two pieces of evergreen content per week and one piece of topical content.

For us, that reflects what we want to do right now – build trust in our brand and expertise and as a relatively new, small business, draw attention to what we are doing.

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