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Does Your Conversion Rate Affect Google Ads Quality Score?

By now, we should know that Google loves to keep things private. Sometimes it does not help that they make necessary decisions, often against the wisdom, but that isn’t always the case.

Ad words that are now known as Google Ads, have many different layers to them and how it is worked out. One of the main components is the quality score that you have.

Quality score, for many customers, is somewhat of a mystery.

What Is A Quality Score?

A quality score is a metric that Google likes to measure and keep an eye on for every Google ads account. It has a numerical value of 1-10, 10 being the best one.

Having a higher quality score is excellent, especially when a lower score can be worse and worse. However, the one thing that Google wants to make clear is that not many marketers mention this when they are going to include a quality score.

First-Hand Information

First of all, let’s see what Google says about a quality score.

“Quality score is a guess of the quality of the ads you have, keywords and your landing page. The higher quality ads will lead to lower prices and a better overall ad position”.

According to Google, the components of your quality score are expected click rate, advertisement relevance, landing page, and experience.

Expected click-through rate– the likelihood that your ad will be clicked on

Ad Relevance– how closely your ad with being matching to the searcher’s different queries 

Landing Page Experience– how relevant, simple, and easy it is to navigate your business page for your users.

What Goes into Your Quality Score?

Five different layers flow into this.

The first one that you have is your advertisement click through rate. The CTR of your ad is a significant indicator of your brand’s success. The more enticing your ad is, the more clicks it will receive and convert people.

Secondly, you have your keyword relevance that relates to your ads. This is Google telling you to run more advertisements with more focus. The more relevant the keywords, the better your quality score will be.

Thirdly, you have your company’s landing page experience. A more excellent landing page is a much better experience for the users clicking on your ads.

If the landing page you have included involves a video with lots of different links for all your users to click on, it is not that great of an experience, and your users will not stick around.

What Are The Benefits Of Improving Your Quality Score?

By looking at many different accounts, we will then know that the quality score you have indicates your success in Google ads. By optimising your quality scores, you will then get a better investment.

This is because the higher quality score you have will correlate with the lower cost per conversion you might have. The thing to remember is that cost per conversion and cost per click are entirely different.

It will depend on how much you want to pay per click and how much you will be paying someone to take this action further—also, every click won’t result in conversion but a higher cost per click.

Google algorithm updates

How Do You Increase Your Google Ads Quality Score?

Since your quality score is in Google ads, they will then determine where and how often your ads will appear, as it is essential to see how you can boost your ratings by regularly working on your account.

This can be achieved by:

  1. Keyword search

Find new and highly relevant keywords that can be included in your ads and campaigns; these can consist of long-tail opportunities that can contribute to your overall traffic levels and help your quality score.

  1. Keyword organisation

Try splitting your keywords into more organised groups to be more effective when they have been tied to all of your ad campaigns.

  1. Refining ad text

First, test out your PPC and your ad to see where your target is for your groups. Having a higher CTR is one of the best ways to improve your quality score.

  1. Optimising landing pages

Following the landing page that you have is a great way to practice creating pages that connect straight to your ad group to provide that great experience for your visitors from your keywords.

  1. Adding negative keywords

Doing the right amount of research, then identifying and not including the irrelevant kind of search terms that are more than likely drowning your company’s budget.

Does Your Conversion Rate Affect Google Ads Quality Score?

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