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Easy Ways To Grow Traffic To Your Website

Well done, you’ve created your website, had a celebratory pint of gin and are just about to start processing those orders…wait, hang on, there are no orders coming in! In fact, nobody is even visiting your website! This is not like in the movies at all!

Don’t panic, here at Grow Traffic we will show you some easy ways to grow traffic to your website.

Free Social Media

Seems like an obvious place to start, but you’d be surprised how many people think that the fact they have a website means that the world will somehow instantly know it’s there.

Free social media is the easiest (and cheapest) way to spread the word about your website. There are no hard and fast rules, so it may be a case of trying to see which yield the most results.

Facebook is the first choice, but you may find it a slow journey to attract interest because you will be relying on your existing friends to share posts and information.

With Twitter, you have literally anyone with a Twitter account who could potentially see your posts, but you will probably have to start from scratch and build up some followers.

Make sure that in any social media accounts that you have a sentence about what you do and a link to your website in the bio section.

Don’t forget that you are trying to grow traffic to your website so no matter what the content is, the main aim is to get them to clink on your website links.

Have a look at some twitter accounts in your line of business and follow them.

Twitter works best when people interact with other accounts, not just transmit advertising messages.

There’s a cool guide with some tips and tricks by The Growth Tribe that is definitely worth a watch.

It will probably be a case of trial and error when it comes to how often you post and what content gets likes or retweets.

We would say that 2 posts a day are plenty, any more than that and people will start to get irritated and it could look a bit spammy.

Keep content varied and interesting, try not to repeat the same content on the same day and one thing that businesses often forget, use humour!

There is also, Instagram. Instagram is more visual-based, so it is ideal if you have products that you want to show people.

If you are selling a service there are Instagram stories, which is a selection of 15-second videos that people can play.

So, you could show a day in the life of your office, or if you are attending a networking event or conference.

Although Instagram has been around for years, it is only recently that businesses are starting to use it to its full potential.

Sprout Social have put together some great guidance for Instagram business users here.

Content Is King (Or Queen)

Although there are some tips that may help get a little bit of traffic to your website, most of it will come down to doing some hard work!

Content and more importantly, new and interesting content is always going to be the best way to grow traffic.

The algorithms that Google use are always looking for original content and will always notice that first.

Repeated content or content that is copied or the same as on another website won’t necessarily be punished but more likely ignored.

So, always keep your website up to date, make sure there is a news section, so you can let potential customers know about any new developments in your business or any interesting news in your sector.

Blogging is ideal for this, one or two blogs a week, with original content should if done well yield results.

Think about the service you are offering, if you were a customer what would you google to bring you to a website.

The one thing that we can guarantee is that people will always be curious.

Let’s think of an example…

A few months ago, here at Grow Traffic we noticed that Hootsuite, the app we use to schedule social media posts for our clients was disconnecting from their accounts and we couldn’t figure out why.

Well, after some research we put together a theory, based on different things that people had noticed on several websites.

When we googled “Why is Hootsuite disconnecting social media accounts” there wasn’t one clear answer located in one place that Google brought back when we searched for it.

Then we wrote a blog with that very title and it proved to be rather popular if we do say so ourselves!

A good example there of new, original and interesting (well we thought so) content that grew traffic to the Grow Traffic website.

the image shows the concept of social media

SEO And Keywords

Finally, a few words about SEO and keywords. Using the most relevant keywords will make it easier for your website to stand out from the crowd.

More specific, or longtail keywords are what search engines are looking for these days. The advent of voice searching means that someone searching for a ‘burger van near B&Q in Ramsbottom’ will get on result the is the closet match for their search.

Whereas Google searches used to bring back results for burger vans, B&Q and Ramsbottom, the algorithms have now learned to understand full sentences and the context that the words are used in.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a whole new world and it is ever-evolving, if you want to do some research and start your own optimisation then that is great, but it is all too easy to let the digital work take over and impact on you doing what you do best, growing your own business.

So, a digital marketing agency (Hi!) could take this and other digital marketing functions and spend all of their time helping you to grow traffic to your website.

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