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Email Newsletters: Can They Still Work? – Grow Traffic Figures it Out

4.3 Billion people use email, so it’s safe to say that reaching out to potential customers through email isn’t a bad idea, but do email newsletters still work?

Luckily, we have Hannah and Rachel on hand to tell us how to get the most out of our Email Newsletters in this weeks Friday Facebook Session.

1. Have A Clear Goal

“What is this email for? Is this email to offer something? Am I gonna offer something?… Are you gonna have a promotion of a new product or service? Are you going to be useful to somebody?… You don’t want to do all of these things in one email because you will lose people’s attention”

Decide what you want your email to be about, it’s best to choose one thing and really focus on it. If you are sending emails with too many things in them, people will get lost and won’t want to read on. However, if you send an email with no new or relevant information about your business, people won’t get anything from it.

It can help to use a content calendar to help keep track of any promotions and special events you have coming up that you might want to let people know about in your email newsletters.

2. Don’t Forget A Call To Action

What do you want people to do with the information in your email newsletter? There’s no point in having a great email about all the amazing deals and offers you have if you don’t include a call to action.

Make sure the call to action is right for your business and for where the reader is in their buyer journey. Your call to action doesn’t have to be all about buying and selling, it can be something as simple as asking them to like and subtribe to your socials.

If the reader is a new customer, you might want to focus on letting them get to know you before you start trying to get them to buy or like anything so you might want to simply ask them to visit your website and get to know you a little better.


3. Keep It Short And Sweet

“Don’t try and stuff everything into that one newsletter”

People don’t want to have to read long emails. Be sure to keep your emails short and sweet so that people can find exactly what they need to know. Sometimes longer emails can be useful, especially if you are trying to build rapport with new customers and want them to know more about your business, however, if you do it too often people will lose interest and unsubscribe.

78% of people who unsubscribe say it’s because of too many emails. You should really aim for one email a month, any more than that and people will start to tune you out and stop noticing when you email them. You need to make sure are not pestering people and that you are only emailing them when it is entirely necessary.

one of the most important things about an email newsletter is making sure people actually read it. you need to make sure your subject heading is clear and tells people what the email is about. Remember to reflect the tone of your business, if you are serious business then you need to present a serious email.

Be careful when making your email too waffly or including a lot of emojis, especially in the subject box. If you are not careful you may end up in the spam folder and it’s very unlikely anyone will read your newsletter if it ends up there.

A person checking an email on their phone

4. Keep It Clean

There are certain rules that you have to follow when it comes to sending emails to customers. Your email newsletter has to comply with GDPR because, well, you have to, but also people won’t appreciate it if you use their email address to contact them without permission.

You need to make sure that they know they have signed up to receive emails and newsletters from you and you need to be sure they have consented to it. You can’t just use email addresses you find, that people have used on your website but haven’t agreed to receive emails and you can’t assume that someone will be happy to receive an email just because they have liked and followed one of your socials.

5. Test, Review, Adapt

Keep track of how your emails are doing, are people reading them or are they being ignored? If you are using a service like MailChimp to manage your emails, then you can see the analytics and assess what is working and what isn’t.

You need to keep reviewing and adapting your email progress. don’t be disheartened if people aren’t reading your email newsletter or don’t see a partially huge rise in sales. The key thing is to make sure that you are getting your business out there and people are familiar with your, brand so that the next time they need something it’s your company that comes to mind.


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