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Email Newsletters: Can They Still Work?

Short answer: Of course they can! And they do. When done properly.

In this blog, we’re going to outline the importance of email newsletters, highlight common mistakes and share our tips.

A Brief History Of Email Newsletters

Email marketing has been an effective digital marketing technique for many years. The first ‘email blast’ was sent way back in 1978. Following the launch of email services (Hotmail and Yahoo) in the mid-nineties, email marketing continued to grow rapidly.

By the time Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, emails were well and truly ingrained into our world. And by 2011, email was the most popular internet activity on the iPhone.

Over the years, email networking has become a successful way for businesses to communicate with customers and drive sales. It is also considered to be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies.

But following the recent rise of other marketing methods, such as social media marketing, influencer marketing and retargeting, many business owners have been left wondering whether email newsletters are still the way to go.

And we are here to tell you that email marketing IS still totally worth it.

The Stats

  • There are 4.3 billion email users in the world, meaning email has more users than Facebook and Instagram combined and is used by more than 50% of the world’s population.
  • 99% of email users check their email inbox daily. Most email users check their inbox multiple times a day.
  • In 2020, content marketers rated email newsletters as their highest performing content type for securing and nurturing leads according to the Content Marketing Institute.
  • 78% of marketers in 2020 said email is important to overall company success. This was an increase of 8% on the year before.
  • 31% of B2B marketers believe that email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads.
  • 64% of small businesses use email newsletters to reach out to customers.
  • An EmailToolTester survey found that 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once a month and 59% of people surveyed said marketing emails influenced their buying decision.
  • Welcome emails are incredibly important and have a 86% open rate and 25% click-through rate.
  • Abandoned cart emails are 3x more likely to convert than automated emails. Similarly, personalised emails are better received and have a higher open rate than automated emails (EmailToolTester).

Why Aren’t Email Newsletters Working For Me?

There are several reasons why your email newsletter campaigns aren’t as successful as you hoped. Oftentimes if your email newsletters aren’t working, it is because the content within them isn’t meeting the interest of the reader.

Before you start sending email newsletters on a whim, spend some time carrying out audience research. This will help you get to the bottom of what you’re audience actually want to see from your business.

If you’re regularly losing subscribers, it could also be due to the number of emails you’re sending out – nobody wants to be bombarded with emails! A Hubspot survey found that 78% of email users have cancelled email subscriptions because they were receiving too many emails.

Sending too many emails is a sure-fire way to annoy your audience and lose subscribers. Instead, focus on quality rather than frequency.

Another reason for email newsletter flops is the lack of optimisation. In 2021, 1 in 5 email newsletters are not optimised for mobile phones.

the number of people opening emails on mobile is increasing

The number of people opening their emails on their mobile is growing, so, it’s crucial that you’re emails are optimised for mobile as well as desktop. According to MailChimp, having a mobile-responsive email design can increase unique mobile clicks by 15%.

Lack of segmentation and personalisation is also a common mistake businesses make when sending out email newsletters. Segmentation and personalisation allow you to send emails to specific groups of subscribers based on several demographics, such as geographic location, age, interests and purchase history.

Top Tips For Achieving Email Newsletter Success

Here are our top tips for achieving success with your email newsletters.

Switch Up The Type Of Email Newsletter

And ensure every newsletter has a clear objective. For example, are you sharing exciting news about the business? Or are you sharing information about a new product or service?

Are you aiming to retain customers by offering an exclusive deal? Do you want to target a specific type of customer? Or are you sharing content to send traffic to your website?

Having a content calendar is a great way to establish which type of email you’re going to send out and when you’re going to send it. Try to mix up the style of email regularly.

Choose The Time And Day Wisely

As we mentioned before, bombarding your audience with automated emails will lead to people unsubscribing. Instead, do some research into the patterns of your email audience and figure out when is the best time to send an email. Sending an email at the right time can significantly impact the open rate.

Pay Attention To The Subject Line And CTA

Your subject line should always be tailored to the content within the newsletter. It should be intriguing and eye-catching. If there’s a sale or offer on, it should prompt urgency. Your email newsletter should also feature a clear call to action.

Design An Email Template

Your email newsletter template should be optimised to ensure the design and layout work well on mobile, desktop and tablet. Avoid over-stuffing the template. Keep it simple and in keeping with your brand colours.

Keep The Content Short

The best email newsletters tend to have less than 200 words. These keep readers engaged and increase the click-through rate.

Segment Recipients And Personalise Content Based On Audience

As mentioned previously, segmenting your audience and tailoring emails to specific demographics can significantly increase the success of your email newsletters. It can also reduce the number of people unsubscribing.

Test, Test And Test Again

Before you click send, be sure to test the email newsletter on desktop, mobile and tablet. Ensure the layout works well, spell check the copy and make sure any links are taking the reader to the right place.

Get In Touch

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