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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – Which is Better for Remarketing?

By now, you have probably heard about Facebook and Google ads, but you are still not 100% sure what the difference is between the two popular social media platforms.

We will find out what is different about both of them in this blog post and which one is the best one to use for remarketing your business.

What Is The Difference Between Facebook Ads And Google Ads?

Facebook Ads is a way of using an advertising source for paid social media campaigns on Facebook. Whilst Google ads run the searches and the display ads that will help you when you are remarketing.

With both of them showing that they can PPC ads, they do this on separate channels and will often be at a different stage in their customer’s journey.

These platforms are often pinned against each other, but Facebook and Google ads complement each other by giving the same type of services to their customers and marketers.

The Strengths and Advantages of Google Ads

Google is considered to be the lead factor in online marketing and remarketing. Gaining more than 3.5 billion search queries every day on their website, Google gives advertisers the opportunities to access potential users looking for excellent goods and services.

How Google advertises their work is split into two categories: the search network and the display network.

The search network is the whole concept of Google as their search engine, and all of these advertisers can give billions of keywords and phrases to this.

The display network offers advertisers 98% of the world wide web, making it an excellent choice for all advertisers who want to achieve those remarketing goals based on their PPC ads, e.g., brand awareness.

The Strengths and Advantages of Google Ads

Facebook ads have been refining and improving how its advertising solution works for many years. The Facebook ad is known for being a pioneer in paid social media and has since become an essential part of how marketing and remarketing strategies work.

Although, the budget that Facebook ads have will depend on the factors that have been included, such as their overall remarketing objectives, as Facebook ads are relatively affordable, especially when you are considering the impact that this can have on their customers and their broad target audience

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Benefits Of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the number one social media platform globally, with over 2.7 billion active users, which was in a report in 2021.

Also, as well as its large and growing audience, this platform offers excellent target and remarketing abilities, allowing all marketers to reach unprecedented levels based on what they want their content to include.

Besides this, using Facebook ads will give you access to getting a better CTR. It has also been found that CTR for all Facebook ads was at 1.1% compared to Google, which was 4.7%, so see which one you think did better.

 Benefits Of Google Ads

Google ads, known as AdWords, formally offered simple ads based on what you were looking for in the search engine box. Now it has changed to include many more features such as improving CTR, reviews, mobile optimisation, and remarketing.

Remarketing, which helps users and customers to connect with other brands, is so much easier now because of Google ads. You currently have the opportunity to re-engage with users as they search for what they need on Google or navigate a website with Google’s display network.

Your Business Remarketing Goal

What is it that you want to accomplish with remarketing? Maybe you want to boost your business, gain more sales, receive more customers, or perhaps something else to do with your business.

Knowing the kind of direction that you want to go in will help you make the right decision.

Google ads are great for customers whose primary intent is to have a high purchase amount. So, for example, if you are trying to find the right kind of keyword and it is linked to your business, this will then help them in wanting to buy from you.

Facebook ads, otherwise, are a deal for connecting with the customers who are correct at the top of the sales funnel, which is great for brand and business awareness and remarketing.

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Your Budget

With Google Ads, you will have to properly look at your keyword competition and the overall price to ensure that you stay on the remarketing totem pole. For example, if your keywords have a high CPC and your budget is not the best, this would not be the best area to invest your money in.

But, with the proper budget, Facebook ads will help you reach more users through your target and learn about which strategy is best for your customers and your audience.

Stages In Your Customer’s Remarketing Journey

Facebook is the leading social media platform, so most users are not that interested in looking to purchase products directly. However, that is not always the case, as you can share your interests in marketing and remarketing here.

But it has been suggested that you can reach over five billion searches daily with Google ads. These searches can fall on many levels on your buyer’s journey, and specific keywords will go up against their high purchase intent.

Facebook Ads vs Google AdsWhich is Better for Remarketing?

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