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Facebook Launches ‘Paid Online Events’ Feature For Businesses

Facebook is an invaluable marketing tool for most businesses, especially start-ups and SMBs. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook has been doing what they can to help small businesses survive the never-ending crisis.

And rightfully so. A multi-billionaire should be trying to help small to medium businesses, especially as we’re currently on the cusp of a global recession.

Facebook and the COVID-19 Crisis

First, Facebook pledged £100 million and provided cash grants for up to 30 eligible small businesses in 30 countries. Then they introduced ad credits for small businesses, allowing them to create paid ads without having to spend a penny.

Next Facebook announced ‘Facebook Shops’, making it easier for SMB’s to sell their products and services through the platform.

This was particularly useful for businesses that could not open their premises due to restrictions put in place by the government. Creating a Facebook Shop is free and simple for business owners, and it allows potential customers to seamlessly browse a full range of products and services.

And the latest help to come from the social media giant was announced last week… free “paid online events”.

Facebook’s Free “Paid Online Events” For Businesses

In order to help small businesses recover and get back on their feet, Facebook has introduced Paid Online Events. In the announcement, Facebook stated it was “launching the ability for businesses, creators, educators and media publishers to earn money from online events on Facebook”.

The new feature provides a simple way for business owners to create an online event, set a price, market the event across Facebook and Instagram, take payment from attendees and run the event seamlessly.

Facebook paid online events

Whether it is a cooking demonstration, personal training session, Yoga class or Fashion showcase, the paid online event will connect small businesses with new and existing paying customers.

This new feature is particularly useful for businesses who have not been able to open their doors or provide their services due to the social distancing restrictions that are still in place.

Better yet, Facebook will not be taking any fees from small businesses using Paid Online Events for the next year. The social media platform wants to ensure businesses keep every penny they make from the Paid Online Events, especially whilst they are trying to recover from the COVID crisis. Looks like Zuckerberg is in the good books… for now.

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