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Five CPA Scam Networks to Avoid at All Cost

You can make a lot of money with these CPA ads.

When you get one primary lead for one specific price point, you can get even more money for it, as you already have a great source of clients and potential clients that will help with your income.

But if you do the right amount of research, you can identify the worst kind of networks and avoid them at all costs, so it doesn’t affect your CPA and PPC.

What will then follow are the ones you can trust, and constantly research beforehand to check they are not dodgy. Also, never believe what these networks say until everything checks out.

Signs And Warnings To Look Out For When Identifying These Scams

They are looking at this from CPA’S ad point of view. They will see a network that will accept anyone as they only care about the income they will receive.

So, they will sign them up, run them, and give them their earnings, and this is where their leads start to go missing. They also don’t know if all of this is real.

This is just one of the many ways a CPA ad and its network can get trapped in the fraud process and its proceedings.

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Networks That Shouldn’t Be Trusted

  1. Feed Flare Media 

Feed flare is known for changing its payment methods and not paying clients and customers or saying that its excuse is invalid, which will affect your CPA ad majorly.

It is also highly inconvenient when trying to contact their support team and their CEO, as they make up many different reasons as to why this is happening.

  1. EWA 

EWA tries to hide behind PR work so their scams are not noticed. Every few months, they will send out messages that are not telling the truth about what they are doing and talk about something else to hide their fraud.

This is never successful as down the line, they just stop playing again. So, keep an eye on this, so it doesn’t affect your CPA ad.

  1. 1 Great CPA

This is the kind of network you will want to stay away from.

There have been many different reports and talks of them sending a copy of tax documents to clients that they never paid as a backup of hiding what they are doing, which made what they do even worse.

Always be wary and trust your instinct when choosing a CPA ad network, as they will more than likely spend a very long time replying to any queries you might have.

  1. 1st Class CPA

1st Class CPAs don’t have the best kind of reputation for their customer service department. They have been known for being disrespectful to their clients and affiliates.

They scam the people they think are not worth their time, and if that is you, it could affect your CPA ad.


This is also the kind of company you should stay clear from as they have not been doing business for years.

No advertiser or person in the marketing industry would want to work with them, yet they still managed to show all of these different offers and duped businesses into sending them business through their CPA ad.

They did not pay clients the money they owed them, and the employees who worked for them did not last that long either, so they were a massive trap for the recruits.

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CPA Network

The CPA ad network connects the link that the advertisers will have with the publisher that they work with.

This kind of company works to find the right type of campaign for your business and ensure that it is a legitimate and accurate lead that will help your business further.

I would suggest that you would still be careful as CPA ads and their marketing can sometimes be exploited for the wrong reasons.

This can also be a challenging industry to be a part of since it has so many negative things said about it.

What To Do When Investigating A New Network

When you are investigating a network, you need to find a known network that you can look into this on.

Try to keep an eye out for anything negative, as it might not be the whole truth for your CPA ad.

Some customers will also be not following the rules, whilst some will be scammed by the network entirely.

Five CPA Scam Networks to Avoid at All Cost

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