five ways blogging helps your business

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Five Ways Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogging helps your business grow. That is a fact. It is one of the most important things you can do to bring the right traffic to your website.

71% of B2B buyers said they read a supplier’s blog before engaging with them. (Demand Gen)

There is bad blogging and good blogging though. The first, you talk only about your business and services, the blogs are short, boing, technical, uninspiring etc etc. And they aren’t optimised.

The good kind of blogging helps your business in lots of ways, but let’s look at five.

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Blogging Helps Your Business Because….

1) Demonstrates Your Knowledge

cute dog who had been blogging for business growth

Of course you are experienced, trained, qualified, knowledgeable, (or just a really good blagger) but your potential customers need to know that.

Yep, you told them on your ‘About Us’ page what a fantastically knowledgeable person you are but that isn’t enough to convert a cold visitor to even a tepid one. You have to really show you know your stuff without bamboozling the reader.

A blog lets you chat conversationally with a reader, explaining things you know are complex in very simple terms.

Take this blog for example.

I know why blogs help your business in terms of algorithms, rankings, user signals, and loads of other nerdy data. But I’m not telling you that because you will find it boring most likely.

You are probably here because you are more interested in how to grow your business, not how Google works. Although if you do want to know that we have some really excellent blogs that go into detail.

So show your knowledge and light a fire under your web visitors.

2) Draws Traffic To Your Site

A cat reading a blog becasue blogging helps your business grow

If you’re reading this blog, you are on the GrowTraffic website. Welcome! It is lovely to have you.

See, the system works.

Write good content that helps, informs, or entertains, and you will bring people to your site who are interested in something you know about.


3) Improves User Signals

User signals are partly how Google measures how good your site is (uh oh, triggering statement for pedantic SEO nerds. Back off, nerds, I said partly!)

Google want to rank websites that are awesome. Safe, engaging, well-loved, interesting etc.

They figure if web traffic stays on site for a bit, checks out some other pages, comes back more than once and engages with something on page, your site must be pretty good.

And I think that is a fair assumption. So us SEO folk get very het up about your user signals. Bad user signals mean your site is less likely to rank as well (‘she didn’t mention backlinks’shhhhhh pedants).

Blogs improve your user signals because they give a visitor something to stick around for and read. It’s informative, rather than just sales information.

If you want to learn more about the point of blogging, Rachel wrote an excellent long-form piece on the point of it. It goes into more detail than this blog.  Read What Is The Point Of Blogging here.

4) Gets Your keywords Into Google

A dog on an orange background
Gratuitous picture of a cute dog.

Google can’t index your keywords if you don’t have your keywords on your site. Have a look at some of the top Google searches in the USA in 2020. They are questions.

1) Why were chainsaws invented
2) Why is there a coin shortage
3) Why was George Floyd arrested
4) Why is Nevada taking so long
5) Why is TikTok getting banned
6) Why did Kobe have 2 numbers
7) Why is everyone buying toilet paper
8) Why is it called COVID-19
9) Why is it called Juneteeth
10) Why is Australia on fire

Blogs help you get your long-tail key phrases (jargon for ‘your keywords in a phrase or question’) into Google.

A lot of people type questions into Google, and more so if they are searching through voice.

Answer questions people are asking in Google that relate to your services or product and you will start to rank for them. (I’m simplifying that a lot. There is a bit more to it than that but that is for another day)

Person typing a blog becasue bloggign helps grow your business

5) Demonstrates EAT

What is EAT? It stands for  Expertise, Authority, Trust.

Essentially it is how you demonstrate to Google that you know what you’re talking about and can be trusted.

Google favour websites that demonstrate EAT in the rankings because it means they are giving their customer (the searcher) a better product (correct information).

A blog helps you get backlinks, which are pretty essential to ranking, and prove you know what you’re talking about.

Next Steps:

So, there you go. Five ways blogging helps your business.

A blog is fairly essential to helping your website grow. In fact, 60% of people are inspired to find out more info about a product after reading about it in a blog. (Demandmetric)

So how can you get an awesome blog going?

1) Book onto our Better Blogging course

2) Read more content on our own blog.

3) Have a chat with us. Contact us on or 0161 706 0012 or fill in our form here.

4) Outsource it to us!

Check out part 2 next week when I will discuss how to get readership to your blog.

Until next time…

Hannah x

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