I work with a lot of different types of businesses and I know myself that what I am really good at is working with other people to help them realise the potential of their business online in a consultative manner.

I’m only human though and when I see all my efforts paying off for my clients I begin to think to myself – I could do that, I could have bite of that cherry. Then I have to remind myself to stay focussed. I work with so many different clients that I could be the jack of all trades – but that’s not me, I’m a master search marketer and that’s how I want to stay.

I get offers all the time, clients approach me and ask me if I want to work on one project or another and from time to time I take them on – I can add a lot to a business, especially as it begins to build up a brand however I’ve learned that the most important thing I can do is let the business owner know that although I’ll get involved with their project I want to be able to walk away from it safe in the knowledge that it will continue to perform for them and ultimately that I can concentrate on being the best search marketer in the UK.

Saying all the above I’m experiementing with eBay at the moment to determine how that can be realised into a revenue stream, my fear of this being that it all seems very time consuming when my time can be better spent concentrating on search and other elements of internet marketing.

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