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Free Alternatives to Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics can tell you about your website and give an insight into how you can make more informed marketing decisions.

The Best Google Analytics Alternatives That Are Free

  1. Heap

Heap is great at helping you understand how your clients and customers can be a part of your website. Heap is also a free alternative.

  1. Clicky

Clicky can track metrics similar to other options, and it offers another area of tracking called heatmap tracking.

This gives you the chance to see the parts in which you are earning the most income. This service is also free and offers other options.

  1. Mix panel

Mix panel can work on the internet, mobile devices and other technology items to give you an insight into the broad view of how customer behaviour occurs.

  1. Inspectlet

The idea behind this is that they are trying to include perspectives to figure out what visitors are looking for and why they are doing it.

Inspectlets free version can access 1,000 sessions, record visitors, and calculate how many views are coming through each month.

  1. Lead feeder

The lead feeder works by looking at your website based on the number of visitors you are receiving and the data involved, where they belong in the business, and how they perform when in a particular position.

The lite version is free and offers the most up to date areas of data, information and 100’s100’s leads.

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Alternatives For 2022

  1. Smart look

Smart Looks concept is about being able to combine features of analytics.

You can change the filters to be focused on the right point and use this tool to keep an eye on your visits. There is also a free plan available for all customers.

  1. Woopra

Woopra can provide analytics based on touch. This includes interacting with customers through live chat and emails.

A free plan is available for up to 5,000 actions.

  1. Stata count

This company offers a simple conclusion for site analytics and up to date reports on a website page and the views they are showing, the current visitors and the new visitors.

A free plan is available, as well as a payment plan.

  1. Open Web Analytics

OWA is the best analytic suite in today’s world. They even have a WordPress extension, so the connection with blogs is fantastic.

You will need to install this browser yourself and keep up with it as best as possible.

  1. Go stats

Go stats have been on the market for 17 years and are incredibly minimal in their work. However, as long as their stat count is good, they are a reliable service.

They can include many areas of analytics such as; reports, visitor levels and information about their clients.

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Interesting Alternatives To Consider

  1. SE-Ranking

SE ranking can provide your website with many valuable and helpful features.

These can include; guiding your backlinking profile, keeping an eye on your website’s ranking levels, and your page stands overall.

  1. Matomo

This is another excellent alternative that in some ways includes the same features and solutions as others, as well as how your data can be protected, and your client’s information can be kept confidential.

Once it is on your desktop, you will fully own this data.

  1. Finteza

Finteza includes a version of web analytics in which you can track and analyse your website’s traffic, current pages and any campaigns that your company is currently taking part in.

It can also provide a guide of the hours, days, minutes and seconds that are spent on the page of your business, as well as the different ways that you can grow and develop from using this helpful tool and guide.

Free Alternatives to Google Analytics Tracking

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