It seems to me that more and more we can say that the future of SEO is with the content publishers. By content publishers I’m not talking about people that can knock out a couple of pages a day, I’m taking about those organisations that are creating reams and reams of pages of content every day, ranging from news articles to blogs to pages, this is the future of SEO at the moment.

What are Content Mills

Content mills is a phrase conjured up to represent the churn of people and organisation producing information, they are producing information for the sake of it, or at least for the sake of picking off more bits and bobs of traffic and getting more link density around their chosen keywords.

What’s the future of link building?

Ultimately the future of link building doesn’t look good, you have to remember that the more content there is the less strength a link has (because if has to work that bit harder).

The old model of buying a link for 20 doesn’t really stack up that much anymore because they aren’t worth that in terms of the returns they are going to get you in the search results, even if you do get some good movement you are probably going to see a drop as more and more people get more and more content on their site.

Don’t put your eggs in one SEO basket

I think it’s fair to say we’ve been here before, there have been many times when SEO has changed and we’ve had to catch up with it, all of what we did before is still important, it’s just now it’s more important to build more and more content that will actually attract traffic. Links help but not like they used to. Where once you’d have bought 10 links now you’ll need 20 or 30.


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