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Getting a new website live

I’ve realised this week that you can spend too much time on a site – they definitely need to be right on the nail but you can spend far too long looking at exactly which image should go there. I’ve been involved with enough website builds in my time to have a feel for what will and won’t work – but I find myself hesitating and agonising over something as simple as whether an image should have a blue border around it or not.

I have to keep reminding myself – as I often do clients that a website is a transitional piece of marketing, that as long as you’ve got the basic structure in place you can reskin it whenever you need to.

A sales guy I used to work with used the metaphor “a website is like a house you’ve got to get the foundations right first” I think a better metaphor is a shopping center – you’ve got to get the walkways, the escalators, the lifts in the right places – but you don’t have to worry to much about the shop fronts – because these will undoubtedly change and evolve (as they should) over time.

I’m very happy with the latest website to go live

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