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Getting Another GrowTraffic Website Live:

It’s about this time of year that I like to develop a plan for the year ahead and work out what I would like to achieve, what I’m aiming towards, etc.

It’s been a different 2010 for me, mainly as my son was born at the end of 2009 and is now growing up, and I’m having to alter how I live my life to fit around him. 

Also, my wife has been ill for a lot of the year, which has put a lot of emphasis on my role as the provider, which means it’s even more critical I work out what I want and how I’m going to go about it over the next 12 months.

I’m looking forward to 2011. I think it will be an excellent year for me personally and professionally. My aims include:

  • Get my son into the nursery at least 1 day a week – I think it’s important to start him socialising with other children his age as he’s a bit limited at the moment.
  • Increase the number of families we know socially with young children by an extra 5 families. Again this is similar to the point above.
  • Double the retained client income in my day job to secure my wage work on helping at least 10 new clients through GrowTraffic.
  • Bank £6,000.
  • Get to position 1 in for the term Freelance SEO and get into the top 3 for the word SEO Consultant whilst maintaining my position 1s such as Freelance SEO Consultant.
  • Go on holiday in April to America (and possibly Canada)
  • Start selling a product range through eBay.
  • Set up new GrowTraffic microsites (SEO Auditing) to increase the number of people finding GrowTraffic websites. I’m thinking about building a PPC Auditing website and a Social Media website.
  • Buy/lease a car to replace my vehicle.
  • Remortgage house with a 2 year fixed term mortgage.
  • Dedicate 4 hours a week to running.

There may be a few more I add to that in the coming week – this is a new year plan rather than a resolution, so I don’t think I have to be 100% committed before the end of 2010!!

If you can help me achieve any of these pointers, I’d be very keen to speak with you – if you’d like to share your own New Year Plans, please add them below.

Plans For 2011′

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