From time to time I have a let’s get more organised phase. I spend quite a lot of time and effort into putting systems/processes into place that will help me organise my time better, it’s funny that I never seem to quite live them out, returning again and again to my own style of working which although wouldn’t win any awards for organisation has managed to get me down the road to where I’m at now. That’s not to say that I’m complacent about it, because I’m not. I’m always ready to work that bit harder to improve how I deal with things on a day to day basis.

Girls are better than guys

So what have I learned about organisation. Firstly, organisation for the first person is disorganisation for the next, that perfect filing system you’ve created only has meaning to you – so that’s rule 1, it must be logical, but it can be your logic. The next thing is (and please excuse me for saying this) men on the whole aren’t as well organisaed as women. Once upon a time I would have argued against this statement saying that all men and women are capable of being equally well organised, I had hoped that my experiences at work would prove this right unfortunately however, they have not. In fact they have told me the opposite is probably true. So rule 2 make sure you’ve got someone aronud that will help you be organised. I’m always surprised at how quickly I slip back into bad habits and I need someone there to regularly tell me which path to take.

Make Lists

I am the complete master of making lists. This is how I get through the day. I have a to do list each time I sit down and I try to just put around 6 items on there that I know I can achieve. If there is something big that needs to be dealth with then I may be thinking about creating a list that compartmentalises the one big task.

Lists help me in the middle of the night. Whenever I can’t sleep it tends to be because I’ve woken up thinking about work or things that need to be done at home. Writing a list is a great way of taking the stress out of the situation and knowing where I’m heading with things. I suppose that’s why most large companies start to create meeting cultures.

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